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Comment 09 Aug 2014

You nailed it on the head.  What makes college football, and every other college sport special, is that athletes are driven by pride and passion instead of money (think Aaron Craft as opposed to Jadeveon Clowney). The only thing that compares is the Olympics.

However, at the end of the day, money always wins.  Many programs will end up losing big, but those at the top will only get more powerful.  Such is the nature of capitalism.  

Comment 07 Jun 2014

I've tried rooting for the Big 10 in Bowl Games and non conference games.  I can't do it, not unless its like Northwestern or Indiana playing.  I guess I'm just too used to hating every other B1G team other than the doormats and OSU

Comment 16 May 2014

Despite his heart and grit, I can't see Craft making an NBA roster next year.  The athletes are just too elite.  Maybe a couple years overseas and (fingers crossed) he ends up back at OSU as an assistant

Comment 12 May 2014

Basically, you don't believe Manziel can end the Browns' quarterback curse.  Don't worry, neither do I

Comment 10 May 2014

From a talent perspective, I can see where the Bengals were coming from when picking Hill.  He's essentially a slower, fatter, stronger version of Hyde.  However, I think the two backs are close enough talent wise that it would've been a much better move for the Bengals to take Hyde as it would've sold more tickets and given a fanbase that is at least partially made up of Buckeyes a huge boost.  Even though I would definitely have rather gotten Hyde, I'm still happy that we've got a replacement for BJGE waiting in the wings.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

As long as Franklin Howard can play defense, I would love that athleticism here.  Is there any chance he commits to OSU or is he assuredly going to stay East?

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I would hate to play all four of these teams in the same season.  We would definitely lose to either Bama, Florida, and Oregon especially if we were playing them back to back to back, and Pitt is a lose lose as they are a perceived inferior team that would damage our rep and directly steal local talent if they were to upset us.  BUT you didn't ask for my opinion on this, you asked for teams.  So here mine are:

Football: Georgia, Notre Dame, Duke (I love watching Duke lose regardless of sport), and Arizona (Rich Rod)

Basketball: Florida, Notre Dame (I know I already got that wish this year), Duke (reason stated above), Georgetown, and Oregon

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I'm no expert on the situation, but I don't think Brown is nearly as high on OSU as Giddens is.  Also, I don't think the package deal is completely set in stone, they just hinted at the prospect of it.  I could be completely wrong though, so take my word as a grain of salt

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Am I the only one who thinks Della Valle should sell those earrings and invest in some braces?