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Thoughts about the offense's strategy

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August 19, 2014 at 11:02am

We saw a little bit of how Herman & Meyer approached calling a game last year with Cal - when Smooth Jazz was the QB and Jordan Hall was the RB.  

The read option right zone didn't change a whole lot, but we ran Kenny G less and relied on short/intermediate passing game more.  I know it was Cal...but I enjoyedseeing the offense be more diverse that game.

With JT or Cardale plus our weapons at RB, receiver, TE, and H-back...I think we will see the same kind of game plan.  Herman and Meyer will get the ball to the speedsters in space in the outside zone and to the TE more often.  

I think our running backs will share carries more...maybe we will finally see the diamond formation.  

You know defenses like VA Tech and MSU are going to challenge us at the line of scrimmage, so we will have to have a strong running game plan with play action as throwing over the top of defense will be less likely without Brax. 

What do you think we'll see Herman and Meyer do to adjust the offense?



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We need more threads on this

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At least some more thoughts..


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I'm hoping to start another thread about this in a week

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I don't think we'll see diamond. The offensive gameplan will remain the same under JT. Short passes especially, reads, veers, play action. It will be interesting to see if JT decides to go through his progressions or run.

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From what I read, JT doesn't have a strong arm for deep passes. Short passing game and ball control seems likely.

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You should watch some of his highlights. He does have a pretty strong arm! I know it's only high school highlights, but he also looks really confident, and posed  in the pocket.

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I don't think we will see diamond.   I think we will just have the 21 personnel as the base and go 4 wide on 3rd and long.

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Get the ball to samuel, dontre, zeke, jalin, thomas, etc. and let them run free.  We'll be fine.

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I think that you're right...speed will be more utilized in the outside zone.  Which I think  opens up the TE in intermediate routes. 

I would love to see the diamond, though. Maybe get a little triple option worked in to keep those aggressive D's guessing.  

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Short, quick passes. They will rely a little more on the RB's to make plays. Getting the ball to Samuel, Marshall and Wilson in space is going to be huge. I still think we will have an outstanding year

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