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J. T. To McCarron

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August 19, 2014 at 7:36am

We all know the one person who didn't deserve to be on the heisman ballot last year. A. J. McCarron was only there because of the stats he put up because of the talent around him. 

Now I'm not saying that Barrett is as good as McCarron, but this is a similar setup to what A. J. Had with Bama: talent all around him. If J. T. can utilize the playmakers around him, I think we are in good shape heading into the season without Braxton (cries). 

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I think we will be fine. The offense will not be as explosive without Miller because he was so dynamic, but I think either Cardale or JT will surprise many. Hope everything is OK, but we recruited these two for a reason.

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We will be forced to be more creative on offense.  Guys like Dontre Wilson will no longer be novelties, they'll be necessities.  We won't be able to just blow people up with the running game.  We'll have to utilize short passes and use a lot more misdirection.  I guess the silver lining to this whole thing might be that we'll have to diversify our offense.    

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Hopefully, the resident genius will open the damned playbook up.

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AJ McCarron's team was coming off of two straight National Championships. JT Barrett's team is coming off of two straight losses. Not so similar....But I'll give you the talent part, albeit largely unproven thus far.

Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston did really well as redshirt freshmen, more to the point.

There is reason for optimism, regardless.

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I think that JT Barrett is better than AJ, actually.  AJ was serviceable and did what he needed to do, think of him like Kenny Guiton distributing the football (I'd almost say Kenny was better than AJ).  JT has the potential to be something special, so let's see how he does this year.

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would like to see JT given the reports of his touch on passes. Talk about depth issues at QB now....

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2 different offenses.  OSU/Meyers offense requires a lot more out of the QB than Bamas.  Bama's is a pro style/ run heavy offense, with a lot of play action, and only 2-3 reads per play.  Their offensive line has been so good recently, that their running game was essentially unstoppable, so AJ was set up well for success.

In OSUs offense, the QB has many different reads, even on just running plays.  And it's driven by mobility at the QB position.  I think Meyer/Herman can most definitely simplify things for JT, until he gets his feet wet, and set him up with a lot of 1 or 2 read plays in the passing game, which are created by motion, play action, and personnel miss matches.

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very strange comparison…your comparing a 3 time national champion (2 as starting QB) vs a RS Freshman who has not taken a snap in a live game….I watched the spring game and thought JT looked okay. I turned the game off thinking that he is developing but needs another season of prep before I'd feel comfortable with him under center. It'll be interesting to see what he brings to the table but expect OSU to run the hell out of the ball early on in the year. 

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Well Bama is ranked #2 in the Nation and they dont even have a starting QB named. Most believe Coker will win the job a transfer who would have only been on campus a  month or 2. No reason why we shouldnt still keep our expectations sky high.

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I agree with the OP.  AJ was my first thought as well.  Just make good decisions and get the ball to all of our speed/talent and the offense will still be plenty potent.  Not to say that it wouldn't be better with Brax, but we still have some ballers,

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I would also add Josh Heupel, Craig Krenzel, Chris Leak, and Matt Flynn to the list of QB's who were not world-beaters by any stretch of the imagination but still managed to lead their teams to national championships. The one common thread to the teams they played on was good (sometimes great) coaching and very good (sometimes great) defenses. In my opinion, this season will go as far as our defense and our coaching staff can take us. The offense needs to make the most of the opportunities that they are presented with and find a way to get the ball into the hands of their play makers (think Clarett, Gamble, and Jenkins from '02). Barrett will need to grow up in a hurry and I don't have very high expectations for him this year, but I think he could another special name in recent Buckeye lore like Braxton, Troy, and Terrelle by the time he is finished here.

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We're gonna run the ball 70 times a game.

Let's do this JT. Just play smart and execute!