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Comment 26 Feb 2016

Has no one mentioned Max Roach? I mean, I know most of you aren't into jazz, but Roach is is fantastic. 

I'm sure you guys have heard of Buddy Rich though. My jazz band teacher told us a story that she saw him live one time and this guy kept screaming, "play a paradiddle!" (drum sequence) and Buddy put down his sticks, shot him the bird and said, "this is my band and we do what I want. We're out" and they just left the stage. Buddy is very notorious for his bad attitude. 

But yeah, Max Roach. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

Nope, still got another year of HS. Even after that, it is highly unlikely I will attend OSU. My grades may not be quite enough to make it in, and plus it costs a butt load in out of state tuition. Unless 11W comes up with some kind of baller scholarship for young 11W like me, it most likely won't happen, haha. 

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Father is from Ohio, but I am not. Born and raised in Birmingham which is 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa. The reason I came to hate Alabama is simple: the fans. Obnoxious is not even a word suitable enough for it. They all know I'm and Ohio State fan, so they must try their hardest to make my life miserable. The crap that comes out of their mouth is hard to believe, but when they go on their "FIFTAAYYN" rant it becomes unfathomable. I've gone on about this in a forum post so I don't want to get too carried away. Just know that if I had the choice of living through this for a month life or move to the Arctic for a month to never hear that crap again, well: 

Sorry, a little late responding.