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Gametime Action on 11W

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August 16, 2014 at 1:52pm

Hey all, I've been a long time casual reader but a recent member of the site.  Since this fall will be the first time I've been around regularly, I'm curious what to expect from this community during game time.  Would it be worth having the tablet at my side during the game to interact with all the great fans here? Or is it a ghost town around here during the game? 


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There is an open thread where people will comment on the game. Much of it is the frustrated thoughts of fans, but it is available to use. It is interesting to see what other people think of the action. I would suggest that you try it for the Navy game and see if you like it. People certainly aren't as calm come around here come game time, but I personally enjoy it.

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OK I anticipated something like that. I may try it out for one of the early games. 


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Good call and could be helpful getting through the TV timeouts.

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It'll probably be a bit less busy than usual for the Navy game, I figure a lot of people will end up watching the game at a bar or something because nobody actually has CBSSN.

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I like it. If you're at home during the game it's nice to get on 11w and gauge peoples opinions on certain plays/calls etc. After the game is the best time to be on 11w imo. I like to check MgoBlog as well and see what they thought about how OSU/Michigan played that day.

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Game thread is full of some pretty terrible opinions.

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I was afraid of something like that.  I'm not the type to scream the sky is falling if we have a play for negative yards in the 2nd quarter.  I may be better off sticking or my own commentary in my head. 


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I like to follow the 11W writers and other Buckeye writers on twitter during the game, then come to 11W for the after party. 

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I am so highly critical of the team during games that I just stay off of that. It usually takes me a few hours post game to calm down and realize that they did, in fact, win and they did a pretty good job.

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There will always be a live chat during every game as well.

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What's the format of the live chat Birm? 


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I actually LOVED following along with the 11W live chat when I could last year.  It's so great to connect in (relative) real time with other people who are hanging on every play.  Do some people get fired up and say some...interesting things when bad things happen to our Bucks?  Sure.  I really like reading those things and I don't hold them against the commenter because those are honest reactions and they are inspired by a deep love for our team.  I'd much rather sit in the bleachers with a bunch of foul-mouthed Buckeye rooters than in a quiet luxury box with people who would rather play on their phones and don't check the score until the end of the game.

I won't get too specific, but I was bummed when participating in a real-time forum for my baseball team during the playoffs a couple years ago.  Instead of cheering the strikes and lamenting the balls, half of the people on the forum were hypernagging the other half for using "naughty" words or for saying mean things about the opposing teams' players.  Sorry, but that's how sports fans work.  ("Fan" comes from "fanatic," after all.)  I hasten to point out that I don't condone libelous or extremely violent statements, but come on.  I don't want to watch The Game and be limited to, "Gracious, that Wolverine running back certainly fought his way to a respectable gain, but I wish he had been tackled in the backfield instead.  But not so violently that he became injured, of course."

The point, Tater_Schroeder, is that the 11W chat is an awful lot of fun and is filled with big fans above the age of 18. 

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#FireFickell ... The official hash tag of the 11W live thread

Yeti's have feelings too.

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I enjoy this site the most during the offseason. The first kick usually brings in the casual fans. From Saturday morning until Monday evening, you'll see a lot of hyperbole and overreacting. The staff content is top notch. The comments section takes a serious quality hit. 

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I especially like it when the staff chime in with feedback - it's kind of like they are there on the sidelines.

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If the game isn't on AFN or online with whichever network is carrying the game, I always have 11W, Gametracker and the board for our opponent up. If I can watch the game, I'm too involved in it to do anything else productive.