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Comment 9 minutes ago

First President with black hair?

Comment 20 minutes ago

I intended to try to get this deleted once I saw inadvertently published it, but I think that intention is quickly going away. 

Comment 2 hours ago
*Fingers crossed* Please don't let this catch on. Please don't let this catch on.
Comment 2 hours ago


I was trying something quick and inadvertently saved the blog. How many times do I need to hit the "DEL" key before it goes away?!?!

Comment 8 hours ago

The band will be fine, because it is bigger than Jon Waters.

I take comfort in that
I take comfort in that.
Comment 16 hours ago
Good job on using "further" instead of "farther". Mike and Mike had a comical discussion this morning on "less than" and "fewer than". I give some people breaks for smartphone use, but it still does bother me to some extent when I see poor grammar, particularly poor punctuation.
Comment 17 hours ago

It does feel like more of a "gimmick", but many things do when they first are developed. I see some cool potential with it. 

Comment 17 hours ago

It's refreshing to read thoughts from those defending the organization. I don't believe it will change anything, but I think it can vindicate Waters with the alumni. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Working on my phone now....  Never tried posting a link from here before.  Thanks for the heads up though! 

Comment 18 hours ago
As a favor to a 11W newbie, someone catch me up to speed here. GSW, is obvious you were beloved and disappeared, what's the story? Glad to meet you!
Comment 20 hours ago

My greatest anticipation for this defensive line is assisting the secondary with their new press coverage. Give the quarterback too much time and he can beat it. Force him to throw immediately, and our defensive backs have all the guys covered.

I'm very excited to see this new defense in action!

Comment 21 hours ago

"But the durability issue isn't because his body wasn't meant to play college football. It's because of how hard he plays.”

Probably my favorite quote of Urban's press conference. In my head I've always thought of Braxton as a slight "Mr. Glass" and in my gut I knew that he wasn't, but I just couldn't reconcile that fact with myself. Urban cleared that up for me in a matter of minutes. Great stuff.