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Ebay Tickets?

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August 15, 2014 at 7:36pm

Anyone have any bad experiences buying football tickets on eBay? Looks like there are some decent prices. Just trying not to get screwed.

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I've always used StubHub. Never had an Issue with that service. However if you are going to purchase tikets thru ebay do set up a paypal account. that way in case the tickets are not leggit. You can get your money back

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Looks like you can get a little better pricing on eBay. I do have pay pal but it would really suck to make the 9 hour trip only to find out I was duped. Thanks Portland!

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What are you looking to buy?  I have an extra set this year.  Stubhub charges the buyer almost 20% in fees.

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Va Tech, or any for that matter. Whatcha got? I've already secured the Cincy game, but would be interested in any other.

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I got an extra set this year so email if you are looking.  Stubhub is charging a ton for my sections.  Nicholastg7307@yahoo.com

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I bought a set for Nebraska game couple years ago. Everything was smooth. They had a good rating and sell the tickets every year. 

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I've used both StubHub and eBay for tickets all over the country and have never had an issue.  Obviously, feedback on eBay is something to examine closely with prospective sellers.  As far as StubHub, I've only purchased when the tix were instantly available for electronic download.  Again, scores and scores of purchases and never an issue.

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Thanks. Yes, definitely 100% positive feedback for the seller before I'd even consider it. I googled it to see if I could find any horror stories but all I could really find was some lawsuits and whatnot from several years ago. I thought for sure that if there were any scams involving eBay tickets, someone here would know.

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As with any other scenario, I'd feel more comfortable buying hard tickets. 

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I've purchased OSU tix through ebay probably 8-10 times and have never had a bad experience.  Just ensure the seller has great feedback and send the funds through paypal unless you meet in person for the exchange (that also has not been an issue for me (especially the one seller who was a smoking hot brunette)).

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Yes, I'll buy from her! Did you save her as a favorite seller? Ha ha

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from my experience the only issues with ebay are when an account has been hacked and is pushing counterfeit merch, good news is when you complain they never respond and you get your money back just sucks if you miss out on your gameday experience though

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I bought tickets to The Game in '02 via Ebay.  Went just fine.  Course, that was 12 (!!) years ago.  I think it would depend on the seller feedback for me.  I've also used Stubhub (for Heat at Rockets).  That went just fine.  

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I have used ebay LOTS over the last 12 years and never had a problem. Use paypal with a credit card. Ebay and paypal have buyer protection ( read their policy )...My many experiences have all been positive.

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A friend and I were looking at tix to the NCG against Miami and at the last minute we backed away. Turns out that the offer was a little too good. The guy got busted and is now doing time in jail. When the deal is too good - it's probably not a deal at all. 

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I've used Ebay on numerous occasions on the past and haven't had any negative experiences.  I think you just have to be careful - as in life...

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I've only had good to great experiences buying tickets on ebay. Just look at the seller and if they regularly sell tickets then you have nothing worry about.

Lastly, ebay's buyer protection is heavily weighted in the buyer's favor so if you did have any issues, you're almost assuredly going to get your money back. Put it this way, if you posed the opposite question, I'd be much more scared to SELL tickets on ebay than to buy.

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You should have put a question mark at the end of your username!

Good info, BTW.

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