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Comment 07 Oct 2015
Thanks John. Will keep that spot in mind.
Comment 07 Oct 2015
Damn the mods are gonna step in, in 3-2-1...
Comment 07 Oct 2015
But of course. It's not a tailgate if you leave sober!
Comment 07 Oct 2015
I've done that before but want to go with the vehicle tailgate this year.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
2014 - 4-1 2015 - 5-0 Stats work both ways bro. Enjoy the ride. A lot of top 10 teams lost or are losing today.
Comment 30 Sep 2015
And the people who's team plays at 3:30 on the same channel.
Comment 25 Aug 2015

I go to the Tennessee - South Carolina game every year.  I married into a family that loves USC football and one that married a former UT player.  I always wear my Buckeye gear to those games and you should hear the comments.  Can't wait to wear my 85 Yards shirt this year!!!!

Comment 23 Aug 2015
Been hit by both. It's the 250 lb linebackers running a 4.5 - 40 that hurt.
Comment 23 Aug 2015
Split him out wide and make his blocking assignment on a corner or safety when possible. I never said limit his routes, I said that the routes across the middle concerned me due to his durability issues. There will be no way to completely protect him from contact. I hope he proves my concerns wrong and has a successful, healthy season.
Comment 23 Aug 2015
I agree with this. My thought was that the coaches will limit his blocking assignments and try to protect him as much as possible. It's the shallow crossing routes that worry me though.