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Comment 03 Dec 2016
I'd say our resume is better. The SEC's rankings this year are based on past success. The conference's record against out of conference power 5 teams is somewhere around 30%. Just look at last week's rankings when Florida was blown out by FSU and barely moved. Bama hasn't played anyone other than USC at a time when they hadn't figured their qb situation yet.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Kind of strange that they play defense with roller skates on there. Oh, they're not? Dudes a straight beast with bad intentions. Love it!
Comment 23 Nov 2016
I'm sure I've missed the #firechad joke completely. I haven't been able to hang out here as much as years past.
Comment 23 Nov 2016
Try livestream365 tank. I've had luck finding games there without all the pop-ups and malware/virus attacks.
Comment 23 Nov 2016
Tate is the freakin man. I love his energy. We need three more guys like him and Cam.
Comment 23 Nov 2016
Got it on here. Same story different day. Sloppy play, turnovers and Loving needs benched. Buckeyes up 7-5 with 15:30 left in the first.