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Comment 03 Jul 2015
10:00 AM 7/10/2015 Ticketmaster. Does anyone have a presale password yet?
Comment 01 Jul 2015

Well, I'm from the South.  Somehow the shirts didn't offend me but you have.  Guess it might have something to do with the shirts pertaining to football and your post did not.  I hope you have a good day sir.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Anything Else Forum

Offtopicland. This still isn't the place to discuss politics, religion, or hot-button social issues, however.

Let's see.  Politics...Check.  Hot Button Social Issue...Check.  Two out of three's not bad Chic.

Comment 23 Apr 2015
Brady Hoke - He knows who his daddy is. Rich Rod - Same reason as Hoke. Lloyd Carr (2001-2007) - Same reason as Rich Rod. Gotta love those guys! Thanks for the memories!
Comment 03 Apr 2015
"Industries like that don't just disappear over night." But it will eventually if this trend continues. I hope I'm not alone in being disappointed with the current trend of people walking away from the game so many of us love. I totally get that people generally want the ability to think and function like their bodies were designed. I mean, really, who wants to be a vegetable? No, me neither. There has to be a scientific solution to the problem though. If they can create an exoskeletal boot to make a person walk more efficiently, surely they can create a helmet that protects against concussion more efficiently. I guess I'm just lamenting the day I click on eleven warriors dotcom, and find 95% of the skull session covering mens tennis instead of football. (That is until a study finds that running on tennis courts destroys knee joints.)
Comment 30 Mar 2015
The dude did pull off that tattoo. If he was going for a smooth bra not filled with mashed potatoes look. Otherwise, it looks like an Ohio State bikini top. #fail.
Comment 20 Mar 2015 Just in case you forgot, here's a little reminder Drew.
Comment 10 Mar 2015
Bass is really a blue chip recruit that will be announcing his commitment to TOSU. Sneaky bastard! I mean come on, who really loves One Direction over the age of 17?