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Boom goes the dynamite: O'bannon wins

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August 8, 2014 at 6:29pm

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So...really...are we going to have to buy jerseys of like 3 digit # so they don't resemble any current players?

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Man!!! When are they bringing back NCAA football ??? The roster I downloaded for tOSU is garbage..

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If you're on 360 try "JC SPINNER"...it's from some guys over at operation sports. It won't be completely finished until late August but has some fairly up to date rosters.

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All i want is a new Xbox game..

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Thought this would blow-up the system too until I saw this:

"In a partial victory for the NCAA, though, Wilken said the NCAA could set a cap on the money paid to athletes, as long as it allows at least $5,000 a year for big school football and basketball players."

Perhaps not earth shattering news especially in light of the big 5 already moving in the direction of more valuable scholarships. 

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Same here.  That part of the ruling makes this a very manageable loss for the NCAA.

Still, there are other torpedoes in the water aimed at the NCAA's definition of amateurism.   Long way to go before this is over.

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The door is open, its too late to save the NCAA's definition of amateurism no matter what they change it to. Pandora's box has now been opened.

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