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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2003 Fiesta Bowl, everything else pales in comparison. That season and especially the way it ended was incredible. I had an awesome rush for two to three weeks after that game, and it was far and away the greatest sports-related moment of my life.
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: umm ...... soccer, really???

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Comment 07 Oct 2016

Houston can't come close to selling out their home games.  Look for Herman to be at Texas next year.  Mark it down.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

Still illegal federally, and a banned substance by the NFL.  So not a good look.

Now, I'm fine with the decriminalization of weed.  However, if my employer, through whom I make my livelihood, bans(and tests for) the ganja, best for me not to be publicly associated w/ it.

Comment 25 May 2016

In addition to Ginn, 2005 also had Holmes and Gonzalez at WR, so plenty of speed there.   On the flip side, Antonio Pittman was a good back, but Zeke outclassed him in about every way imaginable.  All in all I think 2014 takes a close one.  That team was so locked in down the stretch.

The closest we see to Meyer's Buckeye's vs Tressel's is watching the first four Michigan State - Ohio State games under Urban Meyer.  2-2 so far with both sides delivering haymakers.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Fair enough.  But many of the true greats across the sports world are cocky as hell.  MJ was the best and he let you know it, both with his game and his mouth.(and in the case of Steve Kerr, his fist)  Bird too etc. etc.

Compared to guys like that, Curry's antics, IMO, don't come across as in your face.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

The Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry in the 80's was awesome!  Great teams, who absolutely hated each other, and both played a style of basketball that was very entertaining to watch.  Laker fans hated Bird, Celtic fans hated Magic.  The hate came from respecting their game. 

Now, the vibe I get from most Curry haters, seems different.  "He's too cocky" and the various ways that sentiment is verbalized.  I guess they never paid attention to guys like Larry Bird.  Cocky?  Arrogant???  OMG!!!  Bird would rip your mother's still beating heart out of her chest and force you to eat it!  He was one of the biggest trash talkers the game has seen!  Same for MJ and Kobe.  Sportsmanship?  Ha!  They were ruthless as they come.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

When MJ and the Bulls came into town, he sold out the arenas of the Jazz, Cavs, and Knicks.  Actually he sold out every arena pretty much throughout the NBA.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

Zeke has the highest grade at 7.2.

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Edgerrin James

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Elite, three­-down running back who has the ability to excel in every facet of the game. Elliott has rare combination of size, athleticism, pass-­catching and blocking skills and his competitive nature is always bubbling on the surface. While he’s had to handle a heavy workload over the last two seasons, Elliot should still come out of the gates as one of the most productive young running backs in the league.