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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2003 Fiesta Bowl, everything else pales in comparison. That season and especially the way it ended was incredible. I had an awesome rush for two to three weeks after that game, and it was far and away the greatest sports-related moment of my life.
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: umm ...... soccer, really???

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Comment 26 Nov 2016

For me, this is vengeance for the '86 game.  30yrs ago, Hairball spent the entire afternoon in the 'Shoe complaining to the refs.(back then, it was a penalty on the defense if the crowd was too loud.  Yes, that was a thing, and Hairball milked it all game)  It was my first first Ohio State - Michigan game.  I was just a kid, Chris Spielman was my hero, and I left the stadium heartbroken.  I'm still not over it.

30 years later, Hairball is still whining, so not much has changed on that front.  This time, however, he gets to EAT SHIT!!!!!!

And it feels AWESOME

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Houston can't come close to selling out their home games.  Look for Herman to be at Texas next year.  Mark it down.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

Still illegal federally, and a banned substance by the NFL.  So not a good look.

Now, I'm fine with the decriminalization of weed.  However, if my employer, through whom I make my livelihood, bans(and tests for) the ganja, best for me not to be publicly associated w/ it.