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Boom Had Hand in Rainey's Dismissal

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August 8, 2014 at 9:46am

According to Chris Rainey, Boom Herron was involved in the incident that led to Rainey's dismissal from the Colts (sounds like an epic story involving fire extinguishers). Rainey was upset saying that Boom didn't "man up" like him and accept his punishment, but Boom also doesn't have the track record of his fellow firefighter in training. Rainey took to twitter during the Colts-Jets preseason game to vent his disapproval. 

Atta boy Boom!

Source: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11325372/chris-rainey-denies-indianapo...

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Didn't think I had to search the forum for this topic. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways. 

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Always good idea to check anyway

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J Law gif...always worth an upvote

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I did not intend for the title of this post to show up on the front page as "Boom Had Hand in Rainey's...", but I'll consider it a happy mistake. 

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So would Rainey.....

If you only knew the POWER of the Dark Side.

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I'd say that a little fun with a fire extinguisher was not the only issue contributing to Mr Rainey's dismissal. I'd venture a guess that he has been involved in multiple issues and the childish event with the fire extinguisher was just the nail in the coffin. Just my guess from past behavior conducted by Mr Rainey. However, I am very surprised that he took to twitter with these tattle tale comments. He is truly still a child.

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Thanks to Rainey's twitter report, I'll be looking forward to watching the replay of the Colts game.  Glad to hear that Boom had a TD :)

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The NFL is a "small club". Only 32 teams in total. And Mr. Rainey has been cut by 2 of them for behavior/maturity based issues (and if I remember correctly, there were issues in college as well). The Twitter outburst probably confirmed to the other 30 teams out there the "rumors". While Chris Rainey definitely has NFL talent, welcome to the real world with the rest of us as you have probably killed your opportunity pool of candidates for future NFL employment.

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Isnt Rainey the one who sent the threatening text messages to his ex gf while at Florida? If so...that shows hes probably a couple cards short of a deck.

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Urban Meyer has lost control of the Colts?

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Best comment of the entire off season. There's an idea, start a thread of the best comments of the off season. I don't have the time nor the writing skills to complete such a monster as this but I am sure someone on here does. Make it happen!.