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Comment 23 Nov 2014

As an offensive line coach here is my analysis: Obviously he has a great build. His footwork could use some work, but he can freaking move. He plays a little upright but he makes up for it with very violent hands. These problems are very fixable and I have the utmost confidence coach Warinner can work them out. I know my opinion means jack, but as a person who does nothing but analyze the front 7, I like what I see. 

Comment 19 Nov 2014

midwest team in the playoff = more viewers = more money for the tv contract holders of the playoffs (ESPN)

Comment 10 Nov 2014

That's terrible leadership. One of the ideas I took away most from hearing Urban speak this spring: "It's easy to blame, the real challenge is fixing the problem."

Comment 27 Oct 2014
Here's a link to a story I went to school with Danny. He's a great guy which is usually a testament to great parents.
Comment 25 Oct 2014

James Franklin doesn't know who Nick Bosa is...

Comment 22 Oct 2014
Don't know what the motives are for any recruit. I'm just pointing out one aspect of the game of thrones.
Comment 22 Oct 2014
I agree that I hope Urban doesn't do this, and I don't think he does anymore. I know for a fact that Tress had done this at least once (heard it from an assistant). It's not totally unfounded though if Urban did this. It was his first winter in Ohio and it seemed like everyone was waltzing in and taking our bigger recruits while we were down. Sometimes you have to assert your dominance to keep the scavengers away.
Comment 22 Oct 2014

I don't think seven is all that bad if you really think about it. There are 22 starters on a team. If you split that into 3 groups (seniors, juniors, and sophomores/freshmen), you're looking at a little over seven for each group on average. You tend to want to have more seniors starting so that there's some experience on the field. However, when it is distributed like this, it's easier to reload and avoid rebuilding. 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I gained a lot of respect for him and his program after seeing how he handled the Gurley situation. They were proactive as a opposed to reactive to the opinion of the public.