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Grandview Hotel Football Camp Check In

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August 7, 2014 at 1:50pm

I suck at anything related to gifs and pics being posted but I've already seen some pics up on other sites of players checking into the Grandview.  Thought I'd open it up to folks who are better at posting pics than me.  Always have enjoyed seeing the pics of the players checking in.  Last year's photo of RDS wearing his fisherman hat holding a 5 gallon jug of animal crackers was classic. 

Anyway, this is the day when it gets real.

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Got a link to said rds photo?

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The pic Gray box posted is the one. Hilarious.

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I just posted a bunch in this this thread: Buckeye Players Check In. I didn't see this one until now or I would have just posted them in here instead. Here's the RDS pic too

+2 HS