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Comment 04 Aug 2015
Southbay I swear that was an awesome product maketing statement. So clear and simple a Michigan man would understand.
Comment 01 Aug 2015
Take it from someone who quit this site for a while over down votes, it's not even worth a single thought. Express your opinion, comply with the commenting policy, and all is good.
Comment 27 Jul 2015

not sure.  i'll check.  that's a good idea.  thanks a lot. 

Comment 27 Jul 2015
Thanks a lot man. Considering the proxomity of the airport and golf course, I guess the only other thing left to explore potentially is whether there are decent (even if not great) options that are cheaper. The lady at the airport apparently is only able to sell us a season pass for the one game which will cost like 200 dollars.
Comment 27 Jul 2015

Hokiepro, anything you can help with my question below would be much appreciated!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I browsed all the comments here and didn't see any details about potential OVERNIGHT RV PARKING.  buddies and i plan to drive from NE Ohio Sunday and stay until morning after game - so two nights - in a RV.  

Does anyone know of a good, affordable option for parking very close to Lane Stadium?  We are aware of the airport and the golf course.  

Comment 25 Jul 2015
Thanks!!! It worked. Appreciate you dumbing it down on the browsing history fix.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
First world problems to have 8-10 guys in the past 25 years who you could split hairs about. I think Krenzel pushes JT way off this list because he won a championship. And even tho cardale did too he only played three games. Impossible to say he is top 5 even with his ring imo. And I personally think Germaine and hoying were both better than pryor. This is fun.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
You may be young but you're not dumb. Compare this to any of the USC offenses of the 2000s, the Miami team we beat, any of the noles teams of the 90s, any of the McCoy Texas teams, any of the Notre dame teams from yesteryear, this squad this year on paper is waaaaay better. I mean way better. Four heisman contenders all of whom could see the field lots, so many kids to catch the ball that you lose track of third and fourth stringers like tre Wilson and Dixon and mclaurin and brown, a tight end who is pro ready, multiple watch list lineman. And now the two time B1G POY is like, "oh what the hell, I guess I'll score a shitload of touchdowns as a hybrid receiver." bananas.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
I am interested to see warriner in his new role too. He will be on the sideline. Different than Herman up in the box. Hope he can be creative and let this offense ride.