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Comment 18 Aug 2015
? There was no reason to. The ass pain inducing behavior began long after the commitment.
Comment 13 Aug 2015
Man lots of good names and avatars here. I'm an avid fly fisherman so the play on words seemed to fit. And my avatar is just a pic of the catch of the day.
Comment 05 Aug 2015
That's a good point and may be what birm intended. But the staff of this site dealt with a similar scenario just last week and handled it differently and, in my opinion, better. The rumors of suspensions started swirling. The staff, it might have even been birm I can't remember, said "we are aware of the rumors and it does not good to comment on them" until there is definitive info. Why isn't that an option here? Instead it's a series of comments that have only increased speculation.
Comment 05 Aug 2015
Sorry birm but I just don't know if this is an effective way to deal with it. I'm not you and I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but this is a message board. You are privy to lots of things that cannot be disclosed until the appropriate time. And you wait. Why not just wait? It's not like you're going to be able to say you were first to disclose something unless you actually are the one to break the report anyway. I just don't get the approach here.
Comment 04 Aug 2015
Southbay I swear that was an awesome product maketing statement. So clear and simple a Michigan man would understand.
Comment 01 Aug 2015
Take it from someone who quit this site for a while over down votes, it's not even worth a single thought. Express your opinion, comply with the commenting policy, and all is good.
Comment 27 Jul 2015

not sure.  i'll check.  that's a good idea.  thanks a lot. 

Comment 27 Jul 2015
Thanks a lot man. Considering the proxomity of the airport and golf course, I guess the only other thing left to explore potentially is whether there are decent (even if not great) options that are cheaper. The lady at the airport apparently is only able to sell us a season pass for the one game which will cost like 200 dollars.
Comment 27 Jul 2015

Hokiepro, anything you can help with my question below would be much appreciated!

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I browsed all the comments here and didn't see any details about potential OVERNIGHT RV PARKING.  buddies and i plan to drive from NE Ohio Sunday and stay until morning after game - so two nights - in a RV.  

Does anyone know of a good, affordable option for parking very close to Lane Stadium?  We are aware of the airport and the golf course.  

Comment 25 Jul 2015
Thanks!!! It worked. Appreciate you dumbing it down on the browsing history fix.