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The Big 5 and ND

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August 7, 2014 at 10:15am

Make no doubt the Big 5 is coming.  However, I am confused why the Big 5 is allowing it to be the Big 5 and the Irish.  Why have the Big 5 invited ND to pull up a chair to the table.  Make them join a conference and play by the rules everyone else does.  I was reading this article about the Big 5 only scheduling each other.  They let ND act as a 6th 1-team conference.  ND has no leverage in this situation, if the Big 5 excluded them they would have to fall in line or get left behind with the likes of  the MAC schools.  

Side Note:  I think ND fits in the Big Ten the best, but I don't really want them. 

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It would and has made the most sense for some time that ND should join the B1G but I don't think they would want to be in a conference just because if they were to finish the expected 3rd-6th range, they would lose a lot of respect they hold onto by being independent. In other words, ND projects itself as being 'above' the common college football program, but being in a conference and doing poorly they'd be just another one of the people, and they wouldn't want that to happen. I think the ND rule for the BCS was hysterically stupid. 

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The only school that respects ND or believes they are "above the common college football program" is Notre Dame.   And as long as we continue to see things like this, that they are important enough to include independently with the Big 5, then the most delusional fan base in America will continue to have their delusions fueled.  

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You could replace ND with ttun and it would read exactly the same.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Same with Texas.

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Staying as an Independent in football really puts a target on their back. Been saying the same thing for years. I could care less that all their games are on NBC aka...NotreDame Broadcasting Corporation. For me it's about doing what is right with the landscape of college football. 

If Ohio State were the only power to be an Independent we'd be the most hated college football team around....oops - strike that last comment, I believe we already are.

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My guess is, there is no real reason for anyone to strong arm notre dame, outside of the big ten.  We are obviously the only ones who would stand to gain from their addition, geographically and academically speaking. Maybe the acc, I suppose. But that would be risky to them.

the big twelve, acc, sec, and PAC could care less what they do in their spare time.

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ND does have some leverage. They are still a huge draw - big enough to warrant their own TV deal. The power conferences could play hardball and stop scheduling them but they would be missing out on a fairly large asset. Plus, it will be difficult to get everyone on board with that.

If the Big 5 does in fact happen and they move away from the NCAA and do their own thing essentially and act under their own collective governing body, then, yes, ND will have no choice to join a conference - most likely the B1G.


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Like it or no, (I detest South Bend, and I was raised Catholic - nice job Ma and Pa) Notre Dame is a brand with a TV deal, and bigger than the NCAA's governance.

I love how OSU can't match up with the south, but Notre Dame has been ducking the B1G for years. Perceptions are going to change, and soon I hope.

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That would be huge. Then who would come with ND? B1G would have to poach to the east or west, maybe south. Kansas? Virginia? Someone else?

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Also, Notre Dame sucks.

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Isn't ND joining the ACC in 2017 or something like that? I know they won't be a "full member", but will play at least 6 or 7 games against ACC opponents while protecting their USC rivalry. 

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Five games allowing them to keep rivalries with USC, Stanford, and Navy. 

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

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The B1G is the spurned lover. The ND faculty voted to join to get the academic benefits. Delaney thought that made it a done deal. That is also what Gee was referring to. Once that vote leaked, the public outcry caused them to reverse course. I do not like what they did to Michigan and fall in the "Hell with them" camp. I think they need the B1G more than they think. Someone earlier in the year posted their Neilsen stats from last year and their top three games were Michigan, MSU, and Purdue. Yes, Purdue drew more viewers than USC. 

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Vince Lombardi

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i made the post you mentioned.  I've copied it below and while I'm sure timing had a lot do with these numbers (people tuned out after they realized that ND was bad), the fact that ND was 3-1 when they played Oklahoma which was right after Purdue & MIchigan State and still drew a full point less than both of those games.


There's a dirty little secret that Notre Dame tries to ignore and that is they need us more than we need them.  They like to think they are a national program but those days are mostly history.  

Need proof? Here's the television ratings for the nationally televised Notre Dame games last season:

Viewers    vs (Station)
2.50M    Temple     NBC
8.65M    Michigan    ESPN
4.79M    Purdue    ABC
4.79M    Michigan State    NBC
3.89M    Oklahoma    NBC
3.68M    Arizona State    NBC
3.46M    USC    NBC
2.56M    Navy    NBC
3.03M    Pittsburgh    ABC
2.29M    BYU    NBC
3.33M    Stanford    FOX

Notice a trend?

The top three rated games for Notre Dame were against Big Ten teams.  Purdue was easily the worst team in the Big Ten last year but the Notre Dame - Purdue game outdrew top ranked teams like Stanford, USC, Arizona State, and Oklahoma.  

The truth is Notre Dame's draw isn't attractive without the Big Ten and it is going to get even worse when they are forced to play 5 games vs ACC opponents in a few years.  The B1G has projected television revenues of over $45 million by 2018 while Notre Dame is currently getting about $12-15 million a year and will be lucky to have half of B1G TV revenue in a few years.

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Does the B1G still want Notre Dame?  The point of conference expansion is not to increase your brand name, it is to increase your TV market to increase revenue.  Will Notre Dame help this?  Maybe this could help out west because they have a big TV following (hence their own TV contract).

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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ND's TV contract makes them a big target for the Big ten and I'd Imagine the Big 12 (as I'm sure they'd like to expand north).  That NBC deal is worth a ton of dough and is probably the main reason ND has stayed indepenent, no big brother to have to give a percentage too.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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Umm.... yes. People want to watch Notre Dame. The only reason they haven't joined the Big Ten is because they don't want to share the revenue from their football TV deal. They wanted to join for every other sport, like they are with the ACC, but the Big Ten thought that was BS and said all sports or no sports. I think ND should be in the Big Ten or stay independent in football and join the Big East. At least that would allow them to be with other Catholic colleges and they wouldn't have to drop Michigan and Michigan State so they can play the likes of Wake Forest, NC State and Duke.

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They actually make less money from their NBC football contract than the B!G's current contract with BTN/ESPN/Fox (the gap will increase such that the B1G makes twice Notre Dame once the ESPN deal is renegotiated in a few years).  Notre Dame would have joined the B1G years ago except for 1 key reason.  Their fans don't want it and Notre Dame is a school that gets huge amount of donations from their fans and alumni which dwarfs the TV money. 

Fear of losing that is why they won't join the B1G.

Speaking of Notre Dame's TV ratings, they aren't very good (especially without the B1G).  NBC recently re-upped them at the equivilent of ACC money to extend their deal.  People assume since ND is the only team on NBC that it is a lot of money but it is much less than the SEC or B1G make per team.  WIth Notre Dame's poor ratings there was some talk that NBC would walk away but this keeps the network in college football and since they only get Notre Dame's home games their production costs are much simpler than other networks since NBC's games are all broadcast from South Bend so their is no need for mobile trailers, etc.

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ND shouldn't receive any special considerations, and they have no real power other than decent TV ratings. Just like OSU, Alabama, UM, Texas, etc. shouldn't receive any special considerations. If they are forced to join a conference, they will join the ACC as they are basically a 1/2 member in football now.

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I would love to see ND in the B1G west, I would giggle my ass off seeing them fall to Iowa and Wisconsin every year.   And why are they crying about protecting the SC game, is it me or can they not play them at the beginning of the year?

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I'm guessing BYU gets left in the dust? I personally think that is complete bullshit.

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