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Top 10 Things I Am Looking Forward to This Football Season

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July 8, 2014 at 12:07pm

Bored at work today. I put together a list of things I want to see this season. I avoided broad topics such as 'improved pass defense', 'linebackers coming into their own' or 'avoiding injury'. Instead, I looked at individual items that will excite me or signal we have a championship caliber team.

10. Development of a solid possession WR. With Philly gone, who will be Mr. Reliable for those 6-10 yd routes. I am hoping for Mike Thomas. We need more than one.  No reason this couldnt be Heuerman.

9. A kick or a punt return for a touchdown from a young Buckeye. Time to see what this speed can do. I do not believe we had one last seaon, although Dontre had a couple long returns.

8. James Clark. I want to see what this kid can do - kicks, punts, catches in space, sweeps, etc. Lets not forget he was getting PT before his ankle injury last season.

7. Curtis Samual and Zeke Elliot hitting the perimeter on pitches, sweeps and screen passes. These guys should be great in space. Hyde and the Oline created space last season by ramming through it. This year, we need to combine inside with out.

6. The debut of Raekwon McMillan. Nothing to add here.

5. Dontre Wilson breaking ankles. We saw it 4 or 5 times last season. That step, plant and burst that so few players have the ability to do.

4. Eli Apple and Gareon Conley breaking up passes. These guys are long, athletic and can make plays on the ball.

3. Joey Bosa - beast mode against call comers.

2. Braxton Miller making reads and being an efficient ball distributor. Too many weapons not to spread the ball around. He needs to let his teammates make him look good.

1. Jalin Marshall. With his speed, ability to break a tackle and added size I am super excited to see what this kid can do.

Bonus: * Urban handing out a scholarship to a walk-on player.  * A monster mid-field tackle from our Aussie punter. * Jeff Greene outstretched catching a TD over a smaller defender.  * Vonn Bell patroling the back-end of the secondary. * Not playing down to our competition. * Luke Fickell mastering the post-game interview. * Tyquan Lewis being a super sub Spence and Bosa. * Chris Ash mocking Bert after the Buckeye D improves.


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bigDbuck's picture

Number 1 and foremost for me is the return of the silver bullets! Used to love watching the D and how the offense would be in 3rd and long and all hell breaks loose!!

Would also like to see Brax be more of a pocket passer, kinda like Troy in his last year.

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^ Not playing down to our competition.

Nailed it...Also not letting the foot of the throat. 

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Nice top ten Phillip. 

I want to see lots of YACs

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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I want to see more out of Tyquan Lewis too. I remember during his recruitment he was supposed to have an explosive first step off the edge. I want to see more of that when he gets his playing time.

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When was the last time Ohio State had a 1,000 yard RB & WR in the same season? Was it '95, George & Glenn? Anyway I'd like to see that happen in 2014 for the Buckeyes.

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DaveStephens's picture

It'd be awesome to see our two SR Receivers put up some huge numbers.

The Dude abides.

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Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

Agreed. Hey do you think Dontre Wilson could be a dual threat outta the backfield this year?

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If you're asking me specifically, I'm not too smart on the H-back concept.  I've heard enough really successful HS and college coaches (for football and basketball) say that you need to get your athletes on the field.  Dontre is one of those athletes.

The Dude abides.

Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

That kid has alotta speed. I don't think that if Tressel was still the HC he would have ended up in Columbus. But with Meyer's up-tempo offense (at least compared to JT's) I think he could have a solid season.

DaveStephens's picture

I'm a big fan of all the speed and athleticism that UFM is bringing in.  A not-so-small part of me still yearns for the big, bruising play that Hyde demonstrated the last couple years.  I would love to see UFM update his offense to incorporate the cornfed athletes of Ohio and the Midwest.

The Dude abides.

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Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

I'm a fan of the bruising type RB's as well. And in BigTen country it never hurts to have a workhorse RB that can carry the ball 25+ times a game when the weather turns bad.

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Mean Mr Mustard's picture

That is not going away.  In some ways, Coach Meyer understands that better than JT -- i.e. putting more of an emphasis on the offensive line.  This offense reminds me more of Woody's offense or Nebraska's offense back in the day than of Oregon's offense.  O-St will try to force a team to stack the box or get heavy in the box.  If that happens, take the ball outside.  Good examples of this would be the triple option or the dive/bubble screen read.

d1145fresh's picture

Nice list... I'll add a couple

1. Press Coverage -- Not much of an explanation needed.

2. Diverse Playcalling -- At times last year I thought the play calling was somewhat bland. It worked well don't get me wrong, but I would like to see more and more sets to open up the field.

3. Win the big non-conference game. -- I don't really count Cal and Miami in 2010 wasn't that great either. Really 2006 against Texas was the last big win over a major OOC opponent.

4. Avoid Major Injuries -- I know injuries are apart of football but I can't remember the last season where an injury didn't grab a major player for the team.

5. Vonn Bell Emerges-- I think he is going to be special and I can't wait to see his skill set on the field. I think it is really going to help in the pass D.

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DaveStephens's picture

Press coverage (worth repeating)

Getting a little broader into college football:
1. Only conference champions in the playoffs
2. The B1G not embarrassed in the postseason

The Dude abides.

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Killer nuts's picture

If our Aussie punter makes a mid field tackle that means we screwed up. Urban would prefer 0 return yards

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Mr Soul's picture

Braxton catches TD.

Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

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Too young to upvote, so you get the written copy.

The Dude abides.

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Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

Miller Time: he throws for 2, runs for 2 & catches 2 in his final game at The Shoe!


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BroJim's picture

I feel like Marshall is a secret weapon. That kid is going to do great things. 

I season my simple food with hunger

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Curt Heinrichs's picture

Braxton turns into a more efficient passer ala Troy Smith's last 2 seasons. Run when you must, but use your studs on the perimeter to pick up yards in a hurry. Also, passing vs scrambling results in fewer injuries, especially with no Kenny G jazzing up and down the sidelines. 

The emergence of a run-stuffing MLB. I'd love to see someone play linebacker with the intensity of AJ Hawk. 

sharks's picture

I'm ready for Curtis Grant to explode some poor tailback.

A man got to have a code...

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Buckeye Rocket Sci's picture

I can't wait to see Shazier rip Johnny Football's head right off his shoulder and curb stom-...

Oh, you meant college football. Yeah, you're list sounds good!

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RBuck's picture

I think you nailed it HotSauce.

Long live the southend.

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Armani Reeves is going to surprise a lot of people this year, and I'm going to enjoy watching him ball out.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I really want to see the offense value every second of the clock. Get your play, read your keys, and go. 

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Great list Hotsauce!  The only thing I would add is that I'd love to see the DL perform up to the hype. If people are saying that the Buckeyes have the best DL in CFB after the season is over, it will have been a great year.

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