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Do you think passing attempts will increase?

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June 30, 2014 at 6:31pm

So I'm stuck at work, it's slow and I'm bored so I started looking at stats and stuff and found some interesting things. Both Mariota and Winston threw more than Miller which was obvious but it was a large difference. I think Mariota had 386 attempts and Winston had 384 compared to Miller at 255. Another thing is the number of rushing attempts Miller had over the two was less than the throwing attempts they had over him. Based on what I seen Miller has to have around 380 to compete in terms of numbers. So my question is do you think he will hit that Mark this year? Also aside from missing 3 games what do you think was the reason for so little attempts?

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I think the passing numbers will be up and it has to be for this offense to reach its full potential. With all of these playmakers on offense, you have to find ways to get the ball into their hands. Just go back and watch how Clemson ran plays to get the ball into their playmakers hands during the Orange Bowl, that's what I want to see Ohio State doing this year.

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I believe Herman met with Chad Morris and Jake Spavital at some point this off season. I think that Herman was sharing some of our success with the power run via the spread and in return learning about misdirection (Clemson) and the screen game (A&M). 

So you may be on to something...

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Miller missed 3 games....

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This, and Guiton threw 94 passes in those 3 games combined. I don't think Braxton would've thrown that many balls, but I bet it would've been at least in the 70-75 range.

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Yeah i think thats why Ohio State hosted i think the Clemson and Texas A&M coaches. Also we dont have Carlos Hyde this year and Braxton doesnt want to run the ball as much. Needless to say, the ball will be thrown more.

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Consider the fact Miller missed the weakest part of our schedule last year ... he will be fine ... stay healthy Braxton!!!!

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No I don't think team passing attempts will increase.

Like other posters have said, Miller missed 3 games which led to his low attempts count. The other thing is, on called pass plays, Miller chose to tuck it and run.

As a team we threw it 368 times in 2013.

We are a power running team (635 rushes to FSU's 505). More specifically, Tom Herman is a power running offensive coordinator. In almost every season he has called plays, his teams have run more than they pass.  I don't see Urban or Herman abandoning the plan of a power run game.

Especially since we are coming off the most prolific offense in school history. It isn't like the offense is "broken". 

Maybe they increase slightly, that however will have more to do with Braxton and his growth as a passer more than it will have to do with any change in play calling. With a fresh offense line and a stiffer OOC schedule he may be forced to run more early on negating any increase.

End of the day, this is a run first team and I don't think they are trying to change that.

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Each year it seems the staff geared it's offensive play calling towards the established playmakers. First it seemed as though our offense was Braxton left, Braxton right, or Braxotn up the middle. Last season it was Hyde carrying the bulk of the load (when he was available). If that holds true to form, then I expect this year we'll press the edges, and see the ball in the air a bit more than we've seen in the past. 

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After reading Russ' s awesome breakdowns of our offense, I do see the staff leaning a bit more on the short passing aspect of our offense, instead of the RB/QB power rushing game. However, with that being said, they are almost always going to turn to Braxton when they need a play, and ultimately it depends on what the defense give you. If they dont respect his short passing game then we will see his carries remain about the same. Overall, I expect a 10-15% drop in his carries.


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I think we could see a record number of passes this year. Depends on how the defense looks honestly because if we are blowing teams out left and right we could see EzE put up huge numbers. If we are going to get to the promise land we are going to have to air it out a lot more then we did at  the end of last season. Miller came back and publicly stated he wanted to throw the ball more and run it less. If we can get a couple receivers to really break out and live up to their * rating we could see some special things happen via Braxtons arm.

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It better...Carlos Hyde and the offensive line aren't returning this year.  Something will have to pick up that slack.

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Yeah he had way way to many carries interesting enough he only ran 1 time against Perdue i had to check multiple places cause I didn't think that was right but it was and it was also the game he had his highest passer rating which was 216 and I believe qbr as well.

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Yes.  I think the H position and our short passing game will be designed to compliment the running game.