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Mike Mitchell Update

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June 30, 2014 at 2:53pm

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With that being said. Since his transfer was wanting to be closer to family and that was denied. Pretty sure that Ty Issac will have to sit this year for Michigan

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This seems like rational logic, but unfortunately that is not something that anyone has ever accused the NCAA of having so I won't hold my breath.

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When Mike gets healthy and puts it all together, he will be an absolute beast.  Wishing he and his family nothing but the best.

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Wow, going on 2 years out of football for Mike, that gotta suck. 


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Tough break.  Glad the NCAA is still looking out for the best interest of student athletes.

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Kid should've just put in the work & stayed here. With his brother coming this way, the whole "closer to family" reason just seems like BS. Sure he's allowed to be upset because he didn't play, but there's a good chance he'd be at that walk out LB spot instead of Darron Lee or Chris Worley.

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I wish the young man nothing but the best and damn by the time he hits the field he might be the size of a 5* DE. I have to believe if he had any chance of locking down a starting LBer spot he wouldnt have passed that up for the unknown.

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Agreed.  Something stinks about the whole thing. 

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Good kid Good family - looking forward to keeping a watchful eye on his playing career 

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There's a lesson here. If you're transferring to be close to family, make sure you actually do so. 

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Well in fairness he's a lot closer than Columbus. Fair point though.

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I know, right? I read that Tech is 330 miles away, or like five hours.

I hope the guy does well, but there had to be something else going on that resulted in his transfer.

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Just over 5 hours.  Looks about the same to play for Oklahoma.  For comparison, it's 15-16 hours to drive to Columbus from Plano.

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Exactly! Like go to SMU 15 miles away, not Tech 330 miles away.  Which is not quite the distance from Columbus to Chicago to put in a more real example for us to understand.


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Similar to Ty Isaac leaving USC to be close to his sick mother and then enrolling at *ichigan. Kids try to say and do the right things so they can get the play "immediately"  waiver from the NCAA. I'm  sorry but if you are moving from a 1,000 miles away to 500 miles away its not that big of a difference. I commend people for not trashing the young men and especially on this site. Sometimes the writing is on the wall and in Isaac's case he was a top 40 "5*" player but he got beat out for the starting position at a spot that fields one guy at a time. Nobody wants to admit they are leaving for greener pastures. Sometimes its our jobs to just act like they had the best intentions in mind.

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Tech is a perfect fit for Mitchell.  Best of luck!

Ed Hopper

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I couldn't even decide on a shirt to wear out on Friday night at his age, let alone, what college to pursue my future. I hope it all works out for the kid and he's eventually a pro-bowl player for the Saints.

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