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Comment 28 Aug 2014

Wow I cannot believe he did that.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

OSU 34 Navy 20 OSU fails a 2 point conversion early and Navy gets 2 field goals

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Not the correct glass but La Trappe Dubbel is my favorite beer.  It is a Trappist beer.  

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I just wouldn't go. Host another rehearsal lunch at a sports bar and invite all the guests.  If the bride gets angry about this you just saved him a couple year mistake.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

The FBS sucks.  I guarantee you guys will lose close to half of your games this year.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

How would you give free tickets to students at OSU and UM?  I know FSU gives free tickets to students but only a certain amount and it is a lottery.  As a recent student, I would rather pay face value with a much better chance to get season tickets than randomly being drawn for one for free.

EDIT: I am just curious if you have a great solution to free tickets to students.  I do agree with you about paying $30,000 a year you should be able to get them for free.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

The odds are also based to get people to bet while still making a profit.  Vegas probably has a lot of people betting on Alabama because they are the one team that has truly been in the NC hunt the past 5 years.  A lot of people who know nothing are probably putting a little money on them to win just to try and make a few bucks because of their history.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Tore my ACL at the end of my senior year of HS almost 6 years ago now.  

With modern surgeries in place, he should be fine.  My doctor (the doctor who does surgeries for the Carolina Panthers) told me I would never need to wear a knee brace and I have been doing great and working just like I use too.  Granted the pick up games vs College athletics is probably not an equal comparison.  

Rehab for the surgery is 6 months and he is well outside that window.  That being said though anything can happen (just look at Braxton)

Comment 24 Aug 2014
I know during the 07 NC game they sold beer so I assume they will
Comment 20 Aug 2014