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Comment 17 Jan 2017

I feel like you don't get to see full potential from some guys when they are sharing time at a position and splitting series

I feel like this is true for most positions with the Dline being an exception.  If you can rotate a fresh line every so often without a drop in skill then come the 4th quarter while the other team's oline is tired our starters are completely fresh just wrecking havoc.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Past decade I'm assuming Troy Smith and company is excluded

QB - Pryor: his 2006 season was magical
RB - Zeke: his rookie season says it all
WR1 - D. Smith: his ability to stretch the field is huge
WR2 - Thomas: back to Zeke his rookie year says it all.  Last year is disappointing
WR3 - Samuel or Miller: both were under used
TE - Stoneburner: very under used except for that one game.  
OT - Decker: had high grades from last year
OT - Jones: same as above
OG - Marcus Hall: just for the double barrel salute 
OG - Elflein: Was the best center this year but was a great guard last year
C - Cordle: I met him one day and he was a really nice guy 

DT - Hankins: A big space eater
DT - Washington: Big and athletic
DE - Bosa: one of the best all time
DE - Spence: Damn that line could have been legendary
LB - Lee: he was a play maker
LB - Laurinaitis: he is barely in the time frame but was solid
LB - Shazier: a monster for a weak defense (weak in OSU terms)
CB1 - Roby: same as above
CB2 - Apple/Conley/Lattimore: this one was tough
SAF - Vonn Bell: very good instincts
SAF - Hooker: what could have been with our safety lineup

HC - Tressel: I miss the guy
OC - Herman: the offense was outstanding
DC - Fickell: #FireFickell was popular for a while but he did a pretty fantastic job
ST - Combs: how can you not love the guy? 

I think that should cover it all.  Some of the line was tough as I forget some of the older guys.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Anyone saying that he is too small for the big ten at only 5-9 is laughable. Has anyone ever heard of Steve SmithAntonio Brown? Don't get me wrong I love big tall WR's but man I was really looking forward to Tyjon burning people in the slot...

Fixed it for ya

Comment 05 Jan 2017

The conversation really to be had is what will happen for the 2018 QB situation.  JT is gone and we will have 4 unproven players all highly recruited (except Burrow).  That will be intense.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

The injuries to the true WR we have brought in doesn't help either.  Some people are not capable of returning to form after major injuries (Dixon & Clark I guess these are smaller guys though).  If Hill, Victor, and Mack do not step up the WR corp next year than we may need to make some moves.  His current recruiting too should give him another year.

Comment 26 Dec 2016
I mean the worst part about this stat is 11 games weren't played most of these years. Just looking at OSU looks like 1972 is when we start having 11 game seasons every year with 4 happening prior to that. None the less still an impressive stat.