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Comment 26 Jun 2016
He would be the best neighbor. He would always be out sleeping at teenage boys houses so you would never see him.
Comment 24 Jun 2016

The top top 14 not being all SEC

Now to be serious, really should be 1 2 of Bama and The Ohio State University because of the coaches and success of each school on the field and recruiting.  

To talk about slideshows real quick at least BR does it correct and it is not a full page refresh everyone and allows for arrow navigation.  

Comment 20 Jun 2016

38 camps for an entire football team of around 80 players and coaches costs $350,000? I find that to be waaaaaaay low. Hotel rooms for just 2 people averages around $100-$150/night. That doesn't include food and travel expenses to get to and back from camps for all of those 6'4" 250lb football players. I bet the real figure is closer to a million dollars. 

The 38 camps are for recruits to attend.  The football team will not be traveling to all these locations just the staff.

Comment 19 Jun 2016
Isn't he the one that quit to focus more on school?
Comment 18 Jun 2016

Who is this Birm character I have been hearing so much about?

Comment 14 Jun 2016

I highly doubt the coaching staff will tell a top 5 player in an area of need that there is not enough room.  It is probably Wilson deciding not to visit.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Obliviously I am not close to the situation at all, but I would see how this season shakes out before taking a commitment from someone.  If JT goes down and Haskins lights it up this season then I may rethink it but until something like that happens you have to pursue one. 

EDIT: Only mentioned Haskins because he has the most eligibility left.  That being said, if he would light it up he would probably be gone after his Junior season so I would still take a QB every year.