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Comment 06 Dec 2016

Leave it at 4 IMO.  Every time you expanded it people will still complain that the next couple of teams should have made it.  It is like how the basketball works.  People always say teams should have made it as a 12th seed over another team and now they are talking expansion to 96 teams.  Some years 8 teams will have a case but most years I doubt it is higher than 5.

Comment 05 Dec 2016
The invite is based on either getting X percentage of the vote or being within so many percentage points of the winner so that is why they didn't get an invite.
Comment 30 Nov 2016
This. I didn't watch the rematch in 2011 for not having a dog in the fight if you will.
Comment 23 Nov 2016
Seriously though Varsity is a good place to go before the game but it will be busy. I have never done the Game Day experience but I'm not crazy about the show so I don't really see the point of going.
Comment 17 Nov 2016
Another suggestion is to put the players names above the videos so you can search for a player easily. Looking forward to watching the videos of older players that were before my time.