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Comment 19 Mar 2017
He Hate Me is Rod Smart. He played for the Panthers for a while. Knowledge gained from playing the old Madden games right here.
Comment 19 Mar 2017
I didn't think a single B1G team would make the sweet 16 so I'm impressed with them now. Curious to see how the rest of the bracket shakes out. Theoretically Wisconsin should have an easy road to the final four.
Comment 08 Mar 2017

With the age of Brady, I don't see why they would want to let me go.  39 is pretty old of an NFL QB.  Then if I was JG I would want to stay and warm the bench a few more years.  You inherit a very good situation.

Comment 03 Mar 2017
The longer the sprint the better the pace should be to a certain degree. The very beginning you are still moving slow giving a slower pace.
Comment 24 Feb 2017
This team has the capability of being a good team as shown in the Wisconsin game but they look sluggish so often. It is difficult to watch knowing they can do better.
Comment 16 Feb 2017

It was weird to see a player burst on to the scene in the spring game and then become an impact player.  Still sucks that one TD return was called back on a pretty meaningless block.