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Football practice

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June 27, 2014 at 7:19pm

When does practice officially begin? Ready for some player and team updates instead of predictions and prognostications.

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Not sure but I think its around the beginning of August. I cant wait either. Hopefully we get some good videos out of camp.

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 August 5, 2013 - Ohio State Starts Fall Camp Practices was last years has to be close to that date.

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Will Espin have another hour long documentary on the inside story this year. My assumption is NO but the first one they did was awesome. One of the best pieces Espin has completed in a long time.

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Can't wait to see Jalin Marshall, I heard some really go things about him before he got hurt in the spring.  He's like Dontre Wilson be bigger and stronger.  

Also it will be interesting to see if Vonn Bell gets his starting spot back. He was hurt in the spring too and Cameron Burrows didn't skip a beat when he replaced him.  Does Cam hold onto it or does Vonn win it back?

It'll also be good to hear Braxton is back to his old self and not rusty after being hurt in the spring.


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With the way Vonn played at the end of last year, you would think they would let him keep playing. His interception in the bowl game was great. 

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Bell has always been #1 on the depth chart.....


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I cannot wait to see James Clark myself,along with several other players!!


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So many young guys. The practice updates are almost as cool as the games......ahhhhhh, nevermind, but still cool.

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Almost there, I can hardly wait until the off season is finally over!

A win over TTUN is one of the most important annual milestones I can think of!

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It should be announced in the next day or two.