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June 24, 2014 at 4:24pm

Apologize for the slight mislead in the title but I would like to throw out some discussion to you guys.  1. Who do you think the next member of the '15 class will be? 2. If you answered Justin Hilliard for the first question who do you think will be after him? 3. Who is your shot in the dark recruit? The guy we have a slim chance with or that player that it will come right down to the wire for. 

For me Hilliard is the obvious answer to number one.  After him I think Baker will be the next Buckeye.  As for the one guy I want more than anyone I think for me it has to be Christian Kirk.  I know we sit pretty well with him right now but I think if that one got away from us I would be pretty upset.  The kid is a TD every time he touches the ball and is extremely underrated.  

Gotta love the offseason right? 

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Sabaneatspuppies's picture

Hilliard, Scott, Sweat

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Scott Hilliard Kirk (call me DD but I highly doubt we are getting him)

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Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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And i disagree that Kirk is under rated, he has great ball skills and YAC potential, but we should all know by now that receivers must be able to block effectively on the edge. Whether he doesnt get the extra star because of that or just that he is a bit on the "small" side i dont know. But I really want him, do some damage with Wilson,C4,and Kirk....scary

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Sabaneatspuppies's picture

Harris is considered an OSU lean by quite a bit, not sure if you can consider him a slim chance kind of guy

"My idea of a good hit is when the guy wakes up on the sidelines with train whistles blowing in his head"

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Nothing to see here

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Whoa... we have some optimists in the house today.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Hilliard, but I'm still not totally convinced we'll get him. Based on when he's making his decision, I'd say he'd be my pick, but far from a lock.

Cornell.... I guess we'll see. Lots of recent CBs to the good guys. Personally, I think Sweat is a pipe dream. I don't care if he's visiting tomorrow. I just don't like our odds.

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As someone who loosely follows recruiting, I think Hilliard is 100% Buckeye. I think it's obvious tbh.

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Hilliard. Burrell. Sweat

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Hilliard, Scott and Torrence Gibson. Meyer's is a physcology major and reverse physcology always works on children and Torrence is clearly still a child, but he's also one hell of a football player

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Gibson? That came out of left field.

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Posted in wrong place somehow


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Hilliard, Giddens, Stump. Even though Giddens is basketball player, I say he is the next guy to commit after Hilliard. Stump flipping may not be a big surprise, but so far only one recruiting expert has Stump as a crystal ball pick, think that pick was made june 16th.

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I hope you are right about Giddens!

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What no commits today?

You're killing me, Birms!

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Justin Hilliard next. Daniel Giddens after. The next football commit after Hilliard will be Cornell IMO.

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Hilliard,Cornell,Harris,Scott,Sweat,Giddens,Burrell and Torrence Gibson!

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