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Penn State Game 2014 Prediction

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June 13, 2014 at 12:55pm

Just wanted to poll the 11W audience on their prediction of this game in 2014. I've seen posts from "experts" on ESPN, SI as well as fellow 11Wers that think this is one we're going to lose. Personally, as much as my hatred has grown for PSU going to school in PA for the last three years, I honestly can't fathom a healthy Buckeye team slipping up in Happy Valley. Anyways here's my logic. I would enjoy hearing everyone's input and as always Go Bucks!

  • We beat them by seven TDs last year. Their defense could not stop us literally. We had just under 700 yards of offense and average about 9 yards/ play. Their best defensive player and the only one to make an All-BIG 10 team was also drafted last year.
  • Penn States offensive line could not contain our D-line last year. They graduated the best member of their O-line, and our D-line just keeps getting better.
  • Hackenberg struggled big time completing ~50% of his passes verse one of the worst secondary play calling coverages I've ever seen out of my Silver Bullets. While, I expect Hack to mature and get better this off-season, I also expect our secondary to be A LOT better under Ash and not give a 10 yard cushion. 
  • Penn State graduated one of the best WR I've ever seen play there in Allen Robinson. Just to know how much of an impact he had there had had 1432 yards receiving there last year. The next best receiver had 333 yards and was a TE. Their other senior WR who had 312 yards receiving graduated. 
  • While I hate using this as an argument, I'll state it anyways. Franklin has yet to beat a team with more than 8 wins. While I love the energy and recruiting competitiveness he brings to the program, I do not see him beating us his first year there, even if it is at home. 
  • Just because I don't want to be 100% biased, here are things that weaken our 2014 team. While it won't be easy replacing these players, we have A LOT more depth than PSU: losing Hyde, Roby, Shazier, and 80% of our O-Line. 

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JakeStevensIsSwag's picture

This year again, i don't think it will be close. We'll win comfortably but not like last year. Good information posted above though.

Buckeye fan from PA

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Deadly Nuts's picture

Home field advantage may keep the game a little closer but the talent difference between Ohio State and Penn State is wider than Oprah's thighs.


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^ Definitely laughed at this well done haha. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Barring an injury to Braxton up to or during this game, we'll win easy again. PSU just doesn't have the depth or talent to compete (yet). I don't think it'll be 63-14 again but a 4-5 td win will suffice. 

And I'll love every minute of franklin being brought back to earth quickly and soundly, in his own place. 


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58-17, we stomp a hole in Franklin's ass!

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BME_Buckeye's picture

I predict pick six!

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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42-17 good guys. They replace 4 OL starters and don't really have a great grab bag to choose from. Allen Robinson departs taking his 100 receptions and 1500 yards along with him. The people they do have returning don't  match Franklins offensive game plan. They score a garbage TD late in the 4th against our backups.The 4 new OL starters going against  Larry Johnson Sr. coaching the best damn line in the Nation is going to be ugly. The recruiting momentum and bullshit Franklin has been spouting has Urban maybe not calling the dogs off early and burying these clowns even more. Anything short of a 3 TD victory would be  uncivilized.

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I see a score of 70 to 10.

Penn State lost their best weapons on offense and defense, as well as their best coach.

Plus, LJ and Meyer will be looking to make a HUGE statement to recruits and Penn State in this game, that Ohio State is still top dog. And I think LJ will feel a little bitter before the game about not being offered the head coaching job at Penn State, and he will have his defensive line ready to tear Hackenburg and Penn State's running backs apart (not literally).

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I see a 13-17 point win & only because it's over there. Night games over there are very tough.

Michigan sucks.

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My prediction:  Pain

Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

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Shutout.  OSU north of 50.  They are..Penn State.

Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

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I don't think it'll be 2013, but the whiteout will disperse early enough.

14-0 at the end of the first.

17-0 at the half.

A pick six to break backs to start the second, a Heisman moment to cap the scoring.

31-0, good guys. The Bullets are back.

Happy Halloween, Nits.

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I expect we win by 30+ and take all of the psu recruits that we want with us.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Who says we're going to lose this game? I've seen nothing of the sort. In fact, I feel good about Penn State this year, especially with our offense. That 2016 game there with Hackenberg as a senior might be tough, though.

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For those that don't like clicking links this is the portion Mh277907 is refering too.

It wasn't Ohio State's fault that its 2013 schedule wasn't that tough. Well, not completely. The Buckeyes didn't schedule tough in the nonconference portion, but getting Illinois, Northwestern and Purdue as 75 percent of their Big Ten road slate is more something to blame the schedule-makers for.

This year, though, OSU might want to write a strongly worded letter for the inordinate toughness of their set of away games, especially having to play at Penn State and Michigan State in a three-week span.

The quest for a third straight perfect regular season will end midway through in 2014, as OSU will serve as the sacrificial lamb for a rising Penn State team that will be the best team not playing in a bowl game this fall.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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I wonder if the author is confident enough to bet some cash?  Lost his freaking mind.

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I don't know about winning by huge numbers.  Watching and rewatching the game last year makes me think everything lined up for us for a big win.  Kind of the opposite of some close games with ex. Iowa.  Brax was just ON that game.  To me, both on offense and defensive we played our best game of the year and their Freshman QB was rattled and got hurt.

I defer to most on this board because your knowledge level is generally higher than mine, but if we are favored by more than 10 points I would be shocked.  With a white out and a new coach, I will just take any win and then get the  heck out of there.

Furious George 27's picture

The optimism for a big win is high because their depth is extremely limited and for the most part the starters were out at least midway through the 3rd Qtr.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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buckeyedexter's picture

I agree, we just played a great game that day and weren't that much better than them, as the score would suggest.

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I would say that total yards and points would prove that we were MUCH better than PSU OSU was up at the half 42-7 w/ realtive ease..... And a lot of that is because they have depth issues, they do have good players most were inexperienced. Now maybe you could make a case that the stars alligned perfectly for the D. But player wise due to psu santions OSU is better.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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We weren't much better than them?  Wha-wha-WHAT!?  Were we watching the same game?

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Ohio State wins 45-17.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Losing Allen Robinson is huge. His final drive against michigan was amazing in 2013.

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Losing 4 starters along the offensive line 3 to graduation and 1 to injury is going to put PSU back to the bottom half of the B1G.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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I think there will be some growing pains with the new staff. I expect their QB to make some plays, that kid is pretty good. . . They may compete for the 1st half but we are too deep and too fast. Overall, I think it will be a big victory.

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I think hackenberg will be accurate and take advantage of any gaps he sees. However, I think he won't see much as they lose WR talent. There will also be less time for these separations to develop as our D-line will collapse the pocket fast and often. We'll have offensive struggles in the 2nd half for some unknown reason, allowing PSU to engineer a late drive. They may or may not score, but will ultimately fall short. OSU wins by 10 points.

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Based on your data, and you NEVER argue with the data, we should win by a gazillion.

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s.pasadena fl's picture

Hackenberg is a great QB. However OSU has to many weapons for them to defend.

Ed Hopper

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Seattle Linga's picture

Funny how Allen Robinson only had offers from Minny, Buffalo and Toledo.

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Ugh, congrats on PSU for beating out minny, buffalo, and toledo for a recruit. When are they going to land a real recruit, amirite skid?

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hetuck's picture

By the middle of the 4th quarter, Herbstreit and whomever will be looking for topics to discuss. You can only show the OSU band and Meyer's family so many times. 

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Vince Lombardi

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They'll probably start talking about some tough buckaroos

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We were 3 TDs better than them last year. We are 3 TDs better than them this year.

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Math is hard. I think you mean 7.

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I can't wait to watch our defensive line get after Hackenberg and their offensive line. I think this could be one of the most dominant performances from an Ohio State defensive line when its all said and done. They are completely short handed on the Oline and we have difference makers all the way across the defensive line. Larry Johnson will have these guys licking their chops for this one. Can't wait! Go Bucks.  

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but...they will just throw screens all day

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Home Field will keep it close in 1st quarter, maybe a 10-14 point game at halftime.  But I think it gets a little out of hand in the 2nd half, when the difference in depth starts to show.  45-17

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45-17.Our defense will be better this year but so will Hackenburg. However, they lost allen Robinson. I think we will blow them out again.