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Comment 12 hours ago
The one thing Urban does well is recruit the whole family. That in combination with Warriners success with putting OL in the NFL, and Matt being close with some of our commits is why we win this battle.
Comment 29 Oct 2014
Dang gotta tip your hat to Tennessee they already have three five stars and continue to recruit at a high level.
Comment 28 Oct 2014
Nice write up bass dropper. I think the SEC is a bit overrated. How quickly people forget they lost both BCS games they were in last with teams I consider more talented then they have this year (aside from Miss St. at this point.)
Comment 27 Oct 2014

Hoke found out a Pepper is a fruit and ain't got time for that 

Comment 26 Oct 2014
I don't like to see us struggle offensively, but I do like to see us win close games and over come adversity.
Comment 26 Oct 2014
Connor Cook checks under his bed for the Bosaman before bedtime.
Comment 26 Oct 2014
I wouldn't mind him at RB. I'd like to see how the class shakes out at each position before trying to plug him in somewhere.
Comment 26 Oct 2014
Everyone is complaining about the vanilla play calling, but fails to realize both shots Herman took down field JT had receivers open and under threw both balls. He has the accuracy but lacks the arm strength for the deep ball that everyone wants to see.
Comment 24 Oct 2014

The problem with making any argument against this is we need to show up on the big stage vs the power 5 and in bowl season and prove we can win. The Big Ten can hang with teams most of the time we just can't close the games

BIG Losses (13)

  •  Sparty hung with Oregon, but fell apart
  • Wisconson hung with LSU but fell apart
  • OSU played the worst game of the season vs V Tech
  • TSUN got curb stomped by Notre Dame and Utah
  • Northwestern got beat by Cal and Northern Illinois
  • Maryland hung with West Va then lost last minute
  • Minnesota got stomped on by TCU
  • Indiana lost to Bowling Green
  • Purdue got hammered by Central Michigan
  • Iowa lost to Iowa St.
  • Illinois got pounded by Washington

BIG Wins (8)

  • Nebraska beat Miami (FL)
  • Indiana beat Missouri
  •  Rutgers beat Washington St and Navy
  • Maryland beat Syracuse
  •  Iowa beat Pitt
  • OSU beat Navy and Cincy

As you can see our OOC losses far outweigh the wins. Until we show up verse the power 5 conferences and the MAC in the regular season and the bowl season, we really can't make an argument. Sub .500 ball (8-13) verse power 5 teams and MAC teams we should beat is not good football

Comment 23 Oct 2014
Miss St hasn't had a top 5 class in years and they're happily ranked number one in the nation right meow
Comment 23 Oct 2014
Urban and OSUs staff evaluation > any recruiting site evaluation