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Comment 15 hours ago

As a Hoban Alum super pumped about this score.

Comment 15 hours ago

Saw Hoban was up 21-0 in the 2nd Q Sibley with 2 rushing TDs. How bad does the Sibley injury look?

Comment 26 Aug 2015
See our quarterback situation last year and I fully expect the other positions to step up the same way.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
As biased as everyone wants to be, there could be some truth to his statement. Cooper is a hell of a pass rusher but no one knows how he defends the run.Cooper himself even said in an interview that's where he needs to get better at.
Comment 24 Aug 2015
Hopefully Smith will get some reps at safety this year and Lattimore heals up quickly Edit: completely forgot about Burrows too. That kid has Ohio state running through his veins.
Comment 21 Aug 2015
Robert Rose has to be one of the most disappointing recruits come through OSU. He literally looked like he was going to the NFL out of high school then never got better.
Comment 20 Aug 2015

Aside from special teams, I don't expect many if any of these guys to play on Offense/Defense. I see Hill or Gibson possibly getting some snaps at WR, but that's even tough for me to fathom. I look at Urban's actions verse his words. Every year he says the best freshman will play. Taking Bosa out of the equation, every year guys like Bell & Hubbard sit their freshman year who should be out there contributing end up redshirting or sitting. It also doesn't help that we're returning a ton of players and are loaded. Does anyone else feel this way?