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Comment 7 hours ago
Kinda off topic, but I thought Wisconsins Chris Borland was one of the toughest LBs to come out of the big ten the last few years. He was the only guy saw Stop Hyde in his tracks the whole 2013 season
Comment 03 Mar 2015

Birm just out of curiosity has Prince Sammons come out and said what side of the ball he's interested in playing? I feel like a lot of people (myself included) might assume OT because of his massive 6'8 frame, but that frame could be awesome on the DL knocking down passes too. Also depending how strongly they feel, position changes seem like they can be deal breakers to recruits (ex-Torrance Gibson QB-->WR).

Comment 03 Mar 2015
I'll be honest I'm worried about our D Line depth. If anyone else hasn't noticed last year was the second straight year Urban wanted to have an 8 man rotation and the second year that 4 guys took the hefty majority of snaps with very little rotation. Urbans even flat out said he's worried about the D Line rotation this year and guys need to step up.
Comment 03 Mar 2015
Not gonna lie, we've struck out enough in Pittsburgh recently that I won't feel comfortable with prospects there for a long time
Comment 02 Mar 2015

If you like to snorkel and scuba dive like myself, doesn't get much better than Grand Cayman.