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Comment 10 hours ago

I agree it did have to do partially with coaching, but you said at the beginning of your post we were far more talented then every team we lost to, which in Spartys game was not the case. 

Comment 11 hours ago
Have to disagree with you on saying we were way more talented than Sparty last year. I'd give us the advantage on OL, RB, Braxtons legs(not arm), and 3/11 defenders Bosa, Roby, & Shazier. Bottom line in that game we should have given Hyde the rock a lot more in the second half.
Comment 11 hours ago
IMO you can't truly grade any coach until he's had four years at a program. By this time he will have his system in place and playing with his recruits.
Comment 18 hours ago
Great post very impressed with our numbers on paper we need to just keep winning.
Comment 19 hours ago
Not gonna lie Braxtons arms look pretty huge for a QBs. Nice work Mick
Comment 19 Oct 2014
They're both pretty legit teams. I've been impressed watching them play. Can't argue with winning and beating teams like Bama and Auburn.
Comment 15 Oct 2014
I'd like to see a big board with an up to date confidence interval from each staff member on whether that person will be a buckeye or not
Comment 13 Oct 2014
40 lineman times don't matter for O Lineman, the shuttle time does and that's a very impressive shuttle time for a big man.
Comment 12 Oct 2014
Sorry man you have totally Homer guesses. IF we win out convincingly I'd put us in the top 4. If I had to pick today: Miss St, Ole Miss, FSU, Baylor/ND. The winner of FSU/ND and Ole Miss/Miss St will change this list though.
Comment 10 Oct 2014
A hard worker like Simon learning from JJ Watt and Vrabel is a scary thought.
Comment 08 Oct 2014

I see your point. I try to be realistic and not a complete homer even though its hard not to. The two things that worry me are JT has looked amazing thus far, but he still is a freshman so experience is not on his side. I'm happy with our O-lines play the last few games and I hope it doesn't regress with a crazy new defensive scheme like we saw with V-Tech. I'd like to see our defense not give up a huge passing play for one game as well.  

Comment 08 Oct 2014

I'm sorry unless this kid wants to switch positions I'd rather go with one of the top QB prospects in the nation who bleeds scarlet and gray and has been committed from the very beginning. No need to damage our relationship with Clark to go after a kid that very well might not end up a Buckeye.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

Unfortunately as much as I wanna see him throw the rock, these play calls are for two reasons:

  1.  When Cardale comes in we're normally trying to run out the clock so running plays make the most sense
  2.  If Cardale starts slinging the ball real well it could create a QB controversy real quick
Comment 08 Oct 2014
 I don't think Rutgers can possibly hang with us

I'm not so sure I would tread in these waters. Rutgers has played very good football thus far. If we play our A game on both sides of the ball and don't turn the ball over I would agree. If we regress to our V-Tech play they could easily beat us.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

If Warriner loses out on Kraemer too he really needs to reevaluate his recruiting strategy. Absolutely unacceptable to lose the two best OL in the state of Ohio. Also open up your checkbook and pay him the money. Aside from the first two games this season, I've been nothing but impressed with the OLs he's put on the field.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

I just wanna see him continue to polishing up his passing skills and decision making skills during the option reads. No need to worry about an award like that this early in his career.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

My Caption for this photo: Wins and losses...that's just a stat