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Comment 4 hours ago

It changes quick when you get a wad of cash put in front of you. 

Comment 9 hours ago
If he's not a buckeye at heart why would he bring his boys on game day with osu jerseys on to let the whole nation see how biased he is? It's hard to be neutral sometimes, but I give him props he tries his best. He's allowed to have an opinion about how people say "The Ohio State University". Do I agree with him? Hell No. Do I think he's any less of a Buckeye because of his opinion? Nope.
Comment 13 hours ago

Personally I really don't care what Herbstreit says. Some people think he's a troll or a bad representative of OSU. I don't. He's the host of college gameday, the biggest college pregame show in the nation. Do you know how many kids come in playing football that want to go into sports broadcasting? A TON. How many schools can claim their alum is a host of that show? Not many. Herbstreits entitled to his opinion like anyone else. If I agree with what he says great, if not doesn't directly effect me. Remember he's a buckeye at heart. 

Comment 13 hours ago

We're definitely not going to have the road grader O-line we did last year. With the guys we have coming back on the O-line I don't see us consistently blowing teams off the ball. For us to be successful, I feel we need to bounce our running plays outside and hold our blocks so Braxton can pass the ball. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Nuernberger looked much better and more ahead in the kicking race during the spring game than Urban had indicated IMO. 

Comment 14 hours ago

It seems like at this point we have to lose out on one between: Baker, Hillard, or SKL to offer O'Conner. He said in an interview earlier that he would be willing to camp to earn an offer. Hopefully he'll pull a Darron Lee at camp and earn the offer he wants. 

Comment 14 hours ago

No I agree I didn't expect to see perfection from them. I just thought our backup O-line looked very good when they got to play last year so I had a little bit higher expectations from what we saw. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Because Dunn is the closest thing remaining on Ohio State's roster to Carlos Hyde,

Maybe Wasserman forgot about Rod Smith?

Hoke repeats he's in favor of a spring scrimmage against another school. 

Why would he say that if his team wasn't even tackling during their scrimmage?

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Here's what I got from the spring game:

  • Our backup QBs both need a lot of work for me to feel comfortable if Braxton goes down.
  • Eze might be the best option we have at RB considering with a young OL we might be bouncing a lot of plays outside.
  • Our OL is our teams weakest link as of now. 
  • Our secondary looked so much better in press coverage and to me it didn't take a genius to switch to it.
  • C. Grant has not earned his starting spot yet.
  • Darron Lee and Chris Worley could be rotating at OLB at the beginning of the season because they are both outstanding players. 
  • Our D line is going to be ridiculous. I think Tyquan could be starting for most teams and Frazier looked solid as well. Add in Steve Miller, Tommy Schutt, Jamal Marcus, Michael Hill, Donovan Munger, and Cris Carter for the rotation we are going to be VERY deep. 
  • Our WR could be our main offensive threat this year if Braxton can distribute the ball to them and our O-line and protect him. 
Comment 16 Apr 2014

I think you misread my comment. I said its no easy task to win at Vanderbilt, but I question him because he hasn't beat a team with more than 8 wins yet, I think those three teams you listed would be a valid argument in different years. Florida was awful last year and lost to an FCS team at home and didn't make a bowl game. Georgia is a great program but had their 3 top receivers and top 2 RBs injured for that game so they essentially had no offense when they played. Tennessee hasn't been a relevant football program since late 90s early 2000s. Again PSU will be better under Franklin IMO. How good? who knows. Hopefully better than us beating them by 7 TDs. 

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I'm in the younger crowd (25). I personally like what were doing with those uniforms right now. I'm a fan of keeping our old uniforms and busting out the alternates a few times a year for big games. The guys on the team seem to enjoy them and its a special occasion when they wear them. For example this season this is what I would do:

  • @Navy- Traditional
  • Virginia Tech- Alternate
  • Kent State - Traditional
  • Cincinnati- Traditional
  • @Maryland- Traditional
  • Rutgers- Traditional
  • @Penn State- Alternate
  • Illinois-Traditional
  • @Michigan State-Alternate
  • @Minnesota- Traditional
  • Indiana- Traditional
  • TSUN- Alternate

This would give us 2 home and 2 away with alternates. 


Comment 16 Apr 2014

If TG can learn to read defenses and get his accuracy down he could be a first round draft pick. But again his ratings are all potential right now, He is currently an athlete playing QB. 

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I think Franklin is a hell of a recruiter, but I still don't think he's proven yet as a coach. I will give him credit to make Vanderbilt a 9 win team was no easy task, but he hasn't beaten a team yet that has finished with more than 8 wins. His most impressive win in his coaching career was beating an injury ridden Georgia team that finished with 8 wins last year. 

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Nice to see people in our conference getting the Ohio talent.