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Comment 8 hours ago

When you get hung up on by a radio host because he asks you to sell your program on the air and you can't do it...

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Heard he was delivered sub 4.4

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I agree with both of you, there is not a word bad enough to describe child molestation and not a punishment harsh enough for Sandusky. I'm not 100% what Joe Pas role was in the situation because I haven't read all the documents, emails, ect. I've heard different things like he reported it to his boss, but didn't follow up with it. I'm not quite sure what the truth is. I know however he has done an extreme amount of good for the community and the university. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I truly believe a guy like him wouldn't go out of his way to hide a situation like this for his football team. Heck once he found out the severity of the situation, he directly came out said he wished he had down more, and the stress pretty much killed him

Comment 23 Jun 2015

If I recall he had a pick or near pick in the spring game. Has a lot of talent ahead of him now. I imagine we'll hear his name more next year once Bell and Powell are gone.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

Joe made a BIG mistake which will forever taint his image. He also did a ton of good for the community and the university, which no one on this board will ever give him recognition for. I could really care less what Penn State fans do. If they want to honor him for the years of service and has nothing to do with us who really cares?

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Any RB with a brain if not going to OSU would take a hard look at Wisconsin. They run the ball like 100 times a game.

Comment 20 Jun 2015
It's a trap don't do it! Jk Congrats!
Comment 18 Jun 2015

Hate to lose a Glenville kid. Best of luck to this young man. Meech I know you're out there. Keep working hard, we wanna see you on the 2 deep this year!