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Comment 20 May 2015
This can't happen he's already transferring to like ten other schools
Comment 18 May 2015

There was an article on 247 that had some stuff on him. He flew out to Oakland Cali for the Opening regional. They made it seem like he was the top overall performer in attendance. Measured in at 6'2 ran a 4.51 40 had excellent speed for his size and should be a big time safety at the next level. Was invited to the Opening finals and got an invite to the Army All American Game.

Comment 12 May 2015
Gotta say Zeke Bosa or Lee. These are the guys you have to single handedly game plan for and know where they're at on the field at all times or they'll make you pay.
Comment 07 May 2015
Hopefully recruiting analysts and fans respect this kids wishes if he wants to wait to make this decision public
Comment 06 May 2015

There was a lot of strategy in bringing these teams in. While like most people I wasn't thrilled with it I understand the business move.

  • It gave Penn State a geographic rival becuase apparently there was some talk of them maybe looking at other conferences
  • Money NYC NJ Maryland and DC TV markets are huge
  • Academics- both schools are outstanding
  • WVU makes sense geographically but they do not fit into the BIG 10 academic wise
  • Mizzu is an AAU member I believe. At the time they wanted in, which is when we took Nebraska we either didn't want them or weren't looking to expand.
  • Other schools that would fit BIG in these aspects: Duke, UNC, Virginia
Comment 06 May 2015

Maybe I'm the only one who enjoys this. Teams work hard throughout the season and its a little reward to go 6-6 or better. I hate seeing the teams with winning records not make it.