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OSU Paid Guest Camp Instructors $50k in 2013

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June 11, 2014 at 5:35pm

Apparently there is a "recruiting loophole" being exposed where college coaches pay high school coaches to be guest instructors at their camp and imply they bring their stud prospects to the camp.

I like to think I am not biased and will call out homers on this site for being hypocritical, but this article is ridiculous. Seems like Fowler did all this work and at the end of the day had to publish it because it took so long to complete.

Bottom line from my perspective is we paid one coach $1,400 to come out and he broke even after travel costs. Yeah he brought his two studs. I don't see what the problem is. I do find it weird that some coaches use private companies to protect their records though (OSU not one of them).


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That piece is definitely a bit too long for the average reader today; suffice it to say, I could see the possibility of abuse within this system, but then again, paying a coach a few hundred bucks to subsidize his travel to a camp isn't exactly the shadiest thing to ever happen in NCAA D1 recruiting.

Hell, Ole Miss even went the extra mile and hired Michael Oher's high school coach Hugh Freeze as "as an assistant athletic director for football external affairs." He's since become the head coach at the university (and by all accounts he was a helluva high school coach, going .785 in the near-decade prior to joining Ole Miss, so the hire might have been legit despite the school's courting of a highly rated lineman).

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I've never given Jeremy Fowler an ounce of credibility. His investigations are slanted and he is as biased as can be.

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In all honesty, I have no problem with this. It sounds like they're just offsetting traveling costs. Most HS recruits I can imagine aren't rolling in the kind of dough where they can take unofficial visits where ever they want in the country. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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So teams have to abide by 18 billion senseless rules from the Stone Age and Fowler tries to stir the pot because their is a loophole that quality schools and quality coaches found and took advantage of.... lol ok then. Between this and the move Franklin pulled we are doing what the SEC does without actually breaking the rules.... good for them!... I hope OSU does it at every camp!!!! bring em all!!! Let's make the SEC and it's media shrills squirm and cry like babies! Love it!

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This is not a new story. I remember when Trey Depriest was recruited from Springfield and his HS coach was paid three times the going rate to coach at Alabama's camp. 

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This is the line I found most interesting.

"Most of the Buckeyes' highest-paid were members of their own staff, including $2,000 for a former OSU intern now with Colorado State."

I'm pretty sure the NCAA limits the number of coaches each school can have on their staffs. I'm guessing this is a loophole Fowler reported but didn't catch. This allows schools to expand their coaching staffs by using "interns" who get compensated in other ways. 

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LOL. He's upset that hs football coaches are getting paid $1000-2000 to coach a camp? Does he not realize what many of these coaches make? I have friends that coach hs, they don't make much at all for all the time they put in. I don't think the numbers he threw out are out of line at all to have coaches travel to a camp and work. If that also gets their kids exposure, great. If they were paying these coaches tens of thousands or something, it might be suspicious.