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Vonn Bell Healthy

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June 9, 2014 at 6:41pm

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I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do this year with a year under his belt and better coverage schemes.

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Vonn Bell seems like somebody that could be really special, but Cam Burrows is going to put up a fight for the starting position.

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I hope we get a solid rotation going to keep everyone fresh.  We have heard so much about the new D-line rotation, but having the three quality safeties we have already plus the athletic freshmen on their way in, I really hope we rotate to get the most out of our athletes.

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Completely agree here, and I've been saying the same thing for the offensive side of the ball as well at the skill positions.  It would be cool to find a way to keep fresh legs on the field all the time.  I know RBs especially get mentioned as needing to get more carries in order to find a rhythm, so that would need to be figured out, but the WRs especially could run every route like it was their last and then sub out more often.  

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I believe he is as well. But I think Vonn and Tyvis are two really good safeties. If anything I think Tyvis or Cam could play that STAR role. Don't know how much that will be utilized with the walkout LB position now but those three all could be on the field at the same time and I wouldn't mind. Vonn and Cam at safeties, Tyvis at STAR. Tyvis and Cam at safeties, Vonn at STAR, etc. So many possibilities with these 3 young fellas. I also thought Cam would be a great bully corner, able to shut down bigger WRs. But I think they like him at safety which obviously I don't mind. Really hope he gets on the field, regardless of where he is at. Same thing with Gareon Conley and Eli Apple.

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<------ Hey that looks familiar! 

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One of the best individual defensive plays I have ever seen.

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It looked even better in person!

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Lol - either we have a Clemson fan trolling us, our somebody fat-fingered you, TraSmith4!

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Can't wait to see what he can do with a full season! Hopefully the back 7 will step up and the Silver Bullets will be back. 

Michigan sucks.

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Nothing better than a healthy Donger. 

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That INT of Boyd was a thing of beauty. Have a feeling that won't be the last amazing play Vonn makes.

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And the great news keeps getting better

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Bell is awesome. Very good news. Great update to start my Tuesday.

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If the talk about the impact Ash has been making is true, we could be entering another time of prosperity with our secondary. The talent there is absurd. Can't wait to see him unleash the dogs this fall.

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