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Comment 1 hour ago

Running backs are like boxers, they only have so many hits they can take in a career. An offense that doesn't wear a running back out but sets up the defense to be gouged by the running back by also exploiting the edges and deep seems ideal for a long career after being drafted high. 

Comment 3 hours ago

If Marshall plays like he did against Indiana for the rest of the year I wonder whether it will further entice McCall to join the program.

Comment 8 hours ago

If the weather gets bad (or frankly even if it doesn't) I would like to see the two running back set we saw against Indiana with a triple option type look. If we have a hard time throwing lets get as many ground options available as possible. 

Comment 11 hours ago

At least they have similar field goal uncertainty so it could even out. 

Comment 11 hours ago

I had legitimate concern that someone from TSUN hacked us and we had to shut it down to avoid everything being blue or something. 

Comment 22 hours ago

I didn't realize that this had any implications on Alabi's position. I like Alabi better as a defensive tackle, and I'm really glad we have Bowen. Ever since Bowen decommited I have hoped to see Bowens commitment everytime I went to 11W homepage. 

Comment 23 Nov 2014

The run defense reminds me of the early in the year pass defense.  First we weren't executing consistently at all (Virginia Tech-passing, msu/Minnesota-running), then we got to the point where we were generally good but still prone to a really big play about three times a game (Cincinnati-passing, Indiana-running). Hopefully we get to the point soon in the run defense that we seem to be in the pass defense. I really feel like we did well in this game except for a few big plays. The first of which was the quarterback run to near the goal line, the others were by Coleman. We just haven't faced any really good running games until late in the year, and you only truly get better by playing worthwhile opponents. 

Comment 23 Nov 2014

An Ohio kid doing well should not be seen as a condemnation of out of state players.  Urban would have tried to recruit Jalin no matter where he was raised.  It is important to get the best Ohio kids, but there was no Joey Bosa, J.T. Barrett, Ezekial Elliot, Vonn Bell, and Eli Apple in Ohio in 2013 and each one of them now has roles of similiar importance to Jalin.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

If we make the playoffs we might.  I think Oregon runs a 3-4; if we play them I think this game will be a valuable practice against that kind of front. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

TTUN won't be bowl eligible after next week and we have mixed feelings about one of our players being so good he breaks too many records of our favorite former players.  Damn it is good to be a Buckeye fan. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Also offensive plays per game will affect this, not to mention Tressel's don't-run-up-the-score philosophy.  Smith was amazing but change is inevitable. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Definitely, it also may make it so they don't have to slow down at all. A handoff may require slowing a bit to take it cleanly. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Amir Williams and Curtis Grant have shared similar careers despite playing different sports. Both came in as highly ranked recruits that have generally been viewed as underwhelming early in their career but get a little better each year. Personally I always hope players like them find at least one year of legitimate success as a pay off for their commitment to this university. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I would never be brave enough to ask for anything, even something as trivial as a pen, back from Bosa.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

After the Cincinnati game I called my dad and said something along the lines of "Holy **** do we have a quarterback and the next few years are going to be really fun". 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

2016 has a lot of talent at running back (Hill, McCall, Walker, Holyfield, etc.). Will we try to get two?  Or possibly switch someone to h back if we are lucky enough to have two that want in?

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I think the day off was more to benefit us in the B1G championship game than in the Minnesota game. Everyone (backups included) worked hard to prepare for MSU. I'm sure they could muster the energy to keep going the week after but week after week without a little break wears you down by the conference championship. The surprisingly difficult game at TSUN definitely hurt us last year against Sparty, Meyer is just trying to avoid a similar late season burn out. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

We need the B1G to help us out by guaranteeing us a game with Wisconsin or Nevraska every year. Make it the first conference game of the year so they may be undefeated when it is played and it won't be too close to the championship game when we may play them again.