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May 23, 2014 at 2:40pm

Not sure if any of the folks on here have seen the two play in person? Both OLB look great on tape, is one better than the other if you saw in person??

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from everything I have gathered, Booker is a possible OLB/DE who specializes in pass rushing and sealing the edge on run plays. I don't think he excels in coverage, although he is such a specimen I wouldn't put it past him.

Hilliard seems to be the complete outside linebacker. Unlike Booker who seems to be a classic rush end type of style, Hilliard is more suited as an OLB who can mix it up more. I think Hilliard could compare more to Josh Perry than Booker.

but that is from what I have read and seen on highlights. Someone who might have seen both in person might know better.

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I agree and disagree at the same time. I think Booker's pass rushing abilities are great, but I think his coverage abilities have been discounted and ignored a lot. After watching The Opening last year, I will say that Booker is very good in pass coverage. In my opinion, Booker may be the complete linebacker because he has the size and versatility to play all of the linebacker spots. He can actually move in the middle and compete with Raekwon for playing time. But, he is very good at reading quarterbacks and disguising coverages and closing passing lanes. I believe that's why 24/7 gave him such a huge rating boost after the summer camps. 

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I agree with BeCool, his pass defense is underrated. He really turned some heads at the opening and had a few INTs one for a pick 6 I believe. Not picking on you squirrel master, but I'm really confused with why people wanna move him to DE or list him as a DE. He was the second fastest LB at the opening last year. To me with offenses spreading out the ball more and our pathetic lack of depth at LB for OSU standards this is exactly the type of kid you want as a LB. 

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I think people say he is a possible defensive end because of his frame. He has a frame that looks like you can add on a few pounds without significantly decreasing his speed and agility. If I recall correctly, he lined up at some DE for SVSM last year

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well lets be honest, neither of these guys are going to be covering a TE-Y streaking down the seem for a 20 yard pass. Yes both can cover as unreal athletes such as they can.

but if you look at the way Booker drives the edge and can get such a great pass rush, if he does gain a few pounds he will be a rush end. I think Hilliard's max weight and size keeps him as a OLB and might be asked to cover out in the flats for screens and bubble screens.

I do agree that Booker is more capable moving inside as a MLB. He does have a Ray Lewis style to him. I just think Hilliard seems more like Josh Perry. I also see Hilliard playing in the role that Perry plays. I see Booker becoming a Viper and taking over for Noah Spence. (of course I am aware of Tyquan and Marcus. I think Booker will battle them).

either way, they are both starting talent for a "silver bullet" level defense!

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Some find it helpful to eat ice cream when pondering such a question.


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This got downvoted?

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Booker will be a A-A type of  player in 3 or 4 years. Don't care if its inside outside or down on the end. The kid has it all. Strength,Height,Wingspan,Speed,Vertical,Work ethic,desire,intelligent, kid is the total package and I would be highly surprised if he flamed out.

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Booker was one of my fav gets last year.  I think he can be a great LB for us.  He really lead SVM d.  

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Seen both play and I prefer Booker. Thought he was the better athlete, better in coverage, and didn't get caught in the wash as much. 

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Why not take both!!!


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¿Por qué no los dos?

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I like booker more too. Seen them both. Pretty much agree with a lot of other guys said about his athleticism and excellent coverage skills. Pick six in the state title game

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Wow.  Can you imagine all three on the field?  Has anyone had three number 1 LBs playing together at the same time?

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On side note.

If for some crazy reason Hubbard, Hilliard and Berger ended up starting.

Would be awesome to see OHIO STATE LB'S from BIG MOE---ST.X---ST.IGGY.

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