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Should I Stay or Should I Go

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May 11, 2014 at 1:17pm

Todd McShay throwin' some stats out this am.

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Really glad someone like McShay is stating this becuase I greatly share this sentiment and the kids need to hear it.

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Its getting out of control. These are still young kids that haven't experienced enough in life to actually see they are getting bad advice from people waiting and hoping to take advantage of them. Bravo McShay.

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We need more coaches like Urban, who are not afraid to tell a kid, media, scouts, parents exactly what he thinks of his players prospects. I cannot think of a UFM player who declared early and wasn't drafted. Way too many snake oil salesmen around college football and basketball players nowadays.

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Will Hill is the only one I can think of.


This is where the NFL needs to invest in a developmental league OR extend the draft age 1 more year. Neither will likely happen.

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I would rather see them change the rule that prohibits an athlete from returning to school once they declare for the NFL Draft.  If a kid isn't drafted, then he should have every right to come back and continue his education.

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Cool idea but then wouldn't every Junior try to test the water? I guess they will have to risk getting drafted low but there could be like 1000s Juniors declare for the NFL, knowing they can come back if they miss. Especially "unqualified" Juniors..

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They can come back to continue their education, they just can't come for a free education and play football.

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There's so much that happens during the draft process that changes ones draft stock. For example, when Cody Lattimer of Indiana declared for the draft, I didn't think it was a smart move...I thought he would go undrafted. But during the process he started rising on a lot of teams boards and ended up going in the early 2nd round. This happens in a negative way also, and we see underclassmen go undrafted all the time. Vontaze Burfict was an underclassmen and was projected to go in the 1st round by many, but off the field issues and the combine caused him to go undrafted. Now he is one of the best linebackers in the league. 


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For some, they have the bona fides; for others it's a crapshoot.

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If you happen to have twitter, check out some of the replies to his tweets. I'm astonished at the ignorance of some. And what I can't wrap my arms around is the folks that want the comparable stats to those that stayed and went undrafted. I mean, they stayed. Most likely got their degree. Where is the comparison? 

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Great post KBONAY. I agree kids should be given the option to come back and get their degree if they go undrafted. I feel like if you're not at a bare minimum a 3rd round grade you should stay in school and finish your senior year. Too many of these kids are going undrafted or get cut then have no degree to fall back on. It's really a shame. 

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What are they going to do if they hate going to classes and will NEVER graduate from college. They should not have been scholarships in the first place.

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It's not that black and white.

If you are a running back (w/ NFL potential), there really isn't any reason for you to stay for your senior season, IMO. It's not worth coming back just to improve your draft stock considering how devalued the RB position is (see: the latest NFL Draft). 

Another thing, the schools/NCAA can take some blame for this issue. You wouldn't see so many players leaving early if the schools provided the players with at least a stipend, a guaranteed scholarship, healthcare, etc.

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Developmental leagues are neccasary and considering the NFL has a KA-TRILLION dollars in reserve I think it's time to put something out there.

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should i stay or should i go? isnt that a song?


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Yep, by the Clash.

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This issue can be combine with the involvement of money in College Football. The additional of a developmental league for "higher" recruits out of HS and Undrafted similar to MLB would allow for ... as you would to kill two birds with one stone.

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Drastically improving year by year too. Makes that degree or extra 1 year much more important. I wonder what the statistics are in basketball. 

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Last year 44 underclassmen declared for the draft & only 29 were drafted.  34%.  The numbers given my McShay are about 37%



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If you aren't projected to go in the first 2 rounds, stay another year in college.

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Shazier and Roby made the right decision and it was validated by where they were drafted. After this season we might see quite a few Buckeyes at "highly valued" positions faced with a decision to stay or go.

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I'm a firm believer that if they're a 1st rounder... You gotta go.  If not, stay in school and go after your senior year.  

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I heard the Gators had 12 underclassmen declare for this draft and only 4 were picked up by teams. I haven't seen this verified in writing though. If true, sucks for the remaining 8 players.