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Eddie George- My Life as a Dad

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May 9, 2014 at 2:03am

Some of you may remember Buckeye graduate Tommy Reid as the producer of Kill the Irishman:
He has also added some notable documentaries like Superthief:
and I Know That Voice:
His latest project is a YouTube Show called My Life as a Dad.  The show  focuses on celebrity and professional athlete dads and highlights their journey through daddyhood.  He recently had Eddie George on the show.  Here are some pics and an intro to the show.  I know there are lots of Dad's on this thread, so take a sec and check it out.



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Eddie Georgie: My life as a Legend…I've met the guy before, like I'm sure some of you have, he's a really nice person, real energetic guy. Glad he is a part of the Buckeye Family

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Man, I miss those uniforms with the gray sleeve stripes.

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College football and the world in general needs more people like Eddie.  Top notch person, athlete, and representative of OSU.

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Not to mention his dying love for his Alma mater


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