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The Franklin Effect: PSU Recruiting

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May 1, 2014 at 1:25pm

I would like to know others' opinion on effect (if any) on PSU recruiting with the latest media tidbit on Franklin. That is the resurfacing of the news on 4 Vandy FB players being accused of rape along with the hostess aspect as well as his comments on assistant coaches requirement for "hot" wives. I am not as much interested on others' having diffulculty chopinions on perceived guilt/no guilt or whether he violated NCAA rules or not. I am just curious on any effects this may have on recruiting momentum and recruits having difficulty deciding PSU/OSU (Jenkins).

Thanks in advance and as always GO BUCKS!

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I expect it to have little to no impact on PSU recruiting. Most feel that the latest information that has come up about the Vandy rape case is a last ditch hail-mary attempt for the defense to get the case thrown out. All along Franklin has maintained his innocence and that he did nothing wrong throughout and both police and prosecutors here in Nashville have said he was nothing short of cooperative. I would think if any PSU recruits or their parents have questions about it, he will be able to smooth things over quite nicely. If there's anything I know about James Franklin from his time at Vandy, it's that he's a charismatic salesmen who loves to talk. 

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Agreed, Tenn. In the long run, I just don't see this having much, if any, effect on their recruiting and what he's trying to do at PSU. Maybe if a different set of facts comes out that shows him doing anything reprehensible, then yeah, maybe it would, but at this point, I don't see any of that happening.

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Agreed with everything that TennBuckeye said, plus these "issues" with recruiting are becoming more and more common, so IMO it will have no affect on PSU recruiting.  ( I hope I'm wrong and we raid the class much like we did in 2012).

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apparently he focuses his efforts on getting the recruits laid…that'd sell quite a few 17-18 years olds.

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Thanks to all. I guess I should have qualified a bit more. In the long term I doubt there will be effect. In the short term (re Jenkins) I was hoping but that is homerism on my part.