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Comment 12 Nov 2016

Wish I could upvote this!

1. Clever

2. I feel the same 

3. For that good looking canine

Comment 07 Nov 2016

No one is "blaming" them so fault is not the question. I have heard game announcers state that defensively Alabama is #1 UM is #2 and then there is everyone else. SOS matters in a discussion like that. Agree with the above, all will be settled Nov 26 but their hype train can be annoying.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

He was fixing it for clarity within the context of his explanation. Without doing so the complexities would have made impossible the simpler explanation he was providing. I enjoyed his breakdown.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

He did not miss the d-line dropping into coverage. That is the zone blitz mentioned and he further defines this as a fixed variable covered in his description.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Why neuter a dramatic quote  from a dramatic man in dramatic context with "(somebody)"? This is not to push a religious issue but rather appreciating the drama that words can provide. Patton's speech was inspirational to his men and provided a great line in the movie,

I wonder what he would have thought of the edited quote? I imagine his response would not have been as politically correct. :-)