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Comment 17 Oct 2014

"Can't wait" in voice of Homer Simpson. I am not even a fan of the Simpson's. That is how freaking desperate I have become.

...and THANKS for a great video!


Comment 16 Oct 2014


There were times I skipped lunch after viewing him sans shirt.

Nasty, pure and simple.

I do however sincerely appreciate the weekly guide. It saves me time and energy. Always a job well done!

Comment 02 Oct 2014
I also plan on starting a chat with a Russian woman who will, undoubtedly, understand and make me feel better.

I am also signing onto chat with the woman above (far left) who will, without doubt, understand and with compassion make me feel better.

Obviously my prefrotal lobe never full developed. :-)

Comment 30 Sep 2014

I have read too many threads written by people with little understanding, compared to Ross. There is nothing wrong with that as there are not many posters with that level of understanding..

My frustration lies in those posters that will not even consider another viewpoint; one that expresses hope that our defense is improving. It is improving and thank you Ross for putting it in an understandable format that will be hard to debate; not that this will quiet the miserable.


Comment 30 Sep 2014

You are correct in the strict sense. However I was referring to a "common sense" perspective. Before going to OSU I went to Case Western and lived in a fraternity filled with Chem & Electric Eng and they were pretty darn smart, even during and after some pretty wild parties. Well there were a few times like when we experimented in the manufacture and use of home made napalm... lol

I am sure you understood the joke at hand in the post above. 

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Yes but I read some opinions about him as an over weight underachiever that would never amount to anything significant. 

Some saw him as a last minute throw in, which may have been the case. Some of us took a wait and see approach.

I truly happy to see him and his body of work as of today. I think we will see good things this year from him from play making and leadership; on the field and off.


Comment 10 Aug 2014

I was wondering the same thing.

Also as questioned above, I was wondering about Bell in one of his photos. He looked very sad or was laughing.