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Comment 17 Jun 2016

I was in the bathroom reading on Memorial day when Tress left.

I sit in the same room and read this.

No more reading in the bathroom. Too sad.

Thanks for your wonderful contributions to this site. Will find you wherever you go to continue the support.

Best of luck!

Comment 01 Jun 2016

"Ohio State" does not engage in twitter wars. I seriously doubt, Woody, Cooper, Earl, Tressel would either. I even more seriously doubt Urban Meyer would.

What does the future hold? Who knows. I do know that Jimmy is behaving, right now and in the recent past, like a jilted high school "person".

Comment 18 May 2016
Used to know some Rangers. If they had to put down a nuisance bear they would bring those known to feed them. I harbor I'll will towards those, whose stupidity results in animal destruction. This is not aimed at hunters abiding by the rules. It is towards the types from the story and poachers. The latter I would rather dig a hole for, in the desert.
Comment 12 Apr 2016

I have no clue what really happened but your assumption that being shot in the back makes it "pretty clear" he was outside his vehicle is weak.

If I was in the car (in the drivers seat) and someone is outside my window with a gun, I would shield my wife, if there was no option to disarm the shooter (proximity to the weapon).

This is not to say that the above situation applies to Smith but rather to illustrate what occasionally happens when you ASSuME anything. Topping it of with saying it is "pretty clear" is not a good way to win friends and influence readers; particularly when a legendary Buckeye is murdered in a cowardly way.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

You argued that the statements you quoted were political above and said we should know better. You also wrote that this thread should remain about Will Smith. Then you made arguments that continued the same discussion. At least that is how it reads. If I am wrong apologies. Just seeking consistency. 

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Could not agree more. This guy was a ticking bomb and the courts enabled him to get to this.  All this talk of gun control and no discussions on punishment of those that commit crimes with illegal weapons. Note: the point of this is not to argue gun control, it is rather to express disappointment in the failure of our court system in punishing offenders so that senseless tragedies like this can be avoided.

This news is absolutely heart breaking and prayers sent for families and friends of Mr. Smith.