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Kicking game thoughts

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April 16, 2014 at 2:54pm

I thought Sean Nuernberger looked really poised at the Spring Game. What do you feel we should expect from him this year?

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Whoever it is Clinton or Nuernberger is going to be green so I would expect some struggles just based on inexperience. Hopefully they will get opportunities early in the year so some of that inexperience fades away as the season goes on.

Rember Nugent was pretty terrible his freshman year (50% on FGs) but turned it around quickly earning Consensus All American honors and leading the nation in FG attempts in 02.

One thing is for sure. Cameron Johnston won't have any trouble punting...

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I wonder how nugent would have done if he didn't rotate every other kick with that other guy. He said later it messed with his head severely.

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Many extra points...COME ON OFFENSE.

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Nuernberger hit a 52 yard field goal against the wind in the spring game and looked like he had more leg to back up IMO.

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Das Boot.  That is all.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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My expectations are simple:  make your extra points and kick it deep on kick-offs.  Let's be realistic, UFM ain't kickin' no stinkin' field goals!

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I'm sure the goal again will be for kickoffs high to the two-yard line between the numbers and sidelines. Gain the advantage over a touchback at the 25. 

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You are probably right. It works most of the time and I like the strategy, but I sure miss Nugent kicking them out of the end zone against the U in 02. Don't even give em a chance.

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The neophyte has ice water in his veins..................Sean is the ril dil...........

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Sean Nuernberger looks like a kicker, acts like a kicker and kicks like a kicker.  Clinton looked frazzled.  Almost scared. 
Sean never even looked at the posts.  Very methodical.  Lined up, head down and booted the ball.

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Nuernberger looked much better and more ahead in the kicking race during the spring game than Urban had indicated IMO. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Did anyone else think that quite a few of the punts in the spring game could have been blocked but maybe the defense held up?