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Who ya got? Barrett or Jones?

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture
April 12, 2014 at 9:34pm

Obviously it wasn't a huge sample size, but who were you most impressed with? Is Jones or Barrett the future at OSU? I thought Barrett looked like he has the better upside as a pure QB. What are your thoughts? 

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bethmowins's picture

For now Jones but I think Barrett has more long term upside

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Im with ya Beth, right this second it would be Jones but 3 games into the season Id hedge my bets towards Barrett.

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buckeyecityterror's picture

Respectfully disagree. Cardale, from my vantage point, looked to lock onto recievers early and conpletely abandon one side of the field. Not going through progressions etc. obviously cant tell without the actual starting 11. But barrett seemed to have better technique and handled 3rd downs better, (I know, not an actual game) had longer drives, and actually got his offense in the end zone. Cardale also got 2 free possesions late in the 4th because he couldn't get anything going and urban just let him keep going because he wanted to see him actually do something. JMO.

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WezBuck28's picture

I though Jones made a couple pretty dumb plays, if it were me, Barrett all the way, he hit more targets, and seemed to have a better spin on the ball...sure Jones has a cannon, but nothing stood out to me personally that would make me believe Jones should be ahead of Barrett on the depth chart..

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Wesleyburgess1's picture

I noticed that Jones made several really bad reads in the run game. I didnt see any that Jt got wrong.

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Yea I liked Barrett more and would have liked him even better if the QBs were able to run  live. I didn't mean I thought Jones was better in the game I mean I think he is behind the 8ball so far in practice and might not be able to dig himself out quickly. By next season I fully expect Barrett to be the starter from what my eyes seen.

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SilverBullet-98's picture

Beth said it best, Barret just needs time. Cardale is ahead for now, but not long.

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Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I wasn't extremely impressed with either guy, but they're both pretty even. With that said, if two players are even I'm giving the reps to the younger guy. I think when the 2015-2016 season rolls around JT Barrett will be the starting QB. 

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ShawneeBuck74's picture

Tough to tell all their strengths and weaknesses accurately given he scrimmage rules and limitations.  FWIW-- I really only care about the 1st half. Second half was like garbage time, get people playing time, etc.

Telling: Jones completed 6 passes for 7 yards in the first half. Barrett had 14 completions for over 100 yards...

I came away thinking JT Barrett was better for these reasons:

1.  Started slow/nervy but then settled down found poise

2.  He moved the chains (even had long drives). This is key. This is what Kenny G. Did so well. Not flashy, but got yards.

3.  He broke off some nice runs at the right time, showed quickness, kept eyes downfield.

4.  Seemed better in the read/option decision making department

Happy to have both guys and while they're not Kenny G, I think they both have more physical upside than Smooth Jazz.  Can't make a call until the hitting is real and they each have time to run the offense with a real line.  I think they could keep the offense going if they needed to step in.  I don't think either has the moxie/poise to go win us a game when the chips are down like Kenny G. (Yet). 

Go Bucks!

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KBonay's picture

JT. Not even that close. Jones showed nothing except a cannon he could not control. Was not even close on throws 15 yards and beyond. 

Once JT gets to run the actual offense which plays to his strength as a running QB, you will see him put Jones in his rearview. Sure, he made a few mistakes. And his biggest knock was he 'locked on' to his receivers. But I think he handled the game much better than Jones. 

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BlockO's picture

I say Cardale Jones. Although I thought Barrett played a little bit better today and has the most upside, I can't get out of my head the fact that Cardale played against the better defense today. Not to take anything away from the Scarlet D because they played great as well, but most of the Defense on the grey team were 1st team players. I think we need more than one game to determine who is truly ready to assume the role of backup QB. I have a feeling that our Defense will be straight up filthy this year.

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

People need to stop putting so much stock in what happens in the spring game. Michael Thomas did next to nothing after playing well in the spring game the previous two seasons.

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Did next to nothing as being mentioned  for MVP? kid had like  6 receptions for 64 yards or so.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

What did he do once the season started?

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chicagobuckeye's picture

Colerain. You're a little new here so I'll give you the low down on Michael Thomas, we've all watched him dominate the spring game then the season comes around and he's yet to be seen. Don't put too much stock in it. Not that he can't do well, but has yet to be seen. 

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southbay's picture

I think JT looked a little better in the Spring Game, and yeah I was a little disappointed with Cardale's outing, but I like both these guys and I think both will be ready when September comes (actually August 30).

I like that they complement each other with their different styles.  If it is necessary to go with a backup, then either might be a good choice depending on the situation.  Having said that, I hope Braxton doesn't take many hits and doesn't get dinged this season. The O Line needs to get solid on pass protection ASAP, even if they aren't as dominant as last year's edition.

Buckabroad's picture

To me either one would be in trouble in real action, because the O-Line really seems to be a work in progress. I would tend to go with Barrett though, as I feel he is the better all-around QB and has the bigger upside.

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sivaDavis's picture

We still have all summer to go with coaches actually being able to be with the players for a limited amount of time a day which is going to be HUGE and the most important Fall camp. JT to me just looked like he was overwhelmed at times. Cardale looked more focused on breaking his receivers hands than making an accurate pass. It'll all be worked out, I just think Jones stays #2 and maybe going into year 1 AB (After Braxton) JT can challenge him. JMHO.

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RBuck's picture

Barrett looked the better in the first half; Jones in the second. Have to go with the coaches' assessment.

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Buckeye Chuck's picture

The coaches see all these players a lot more than I do, so I have virtually no basis on which to question their judgment, but Barrett looked like the better player Saturday. And when you factor in the age difference between the two, I suspect it won't be long before Barrett is the heir apparent.

Jones did make one nice pass to a well-covered receiver late in the game. But accuracy looks like a big issue with him.

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Seattle Linga's picture

I noticed that JB has so much talent. I think CJ may be more game ready but our future looks to be with JB

BoFuquel's picture

Jones by a year. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Poison nuts's picture

The O lines did nothing to help these guys & the whole game was literally the most boring OSU football event of all time. Nobody stood out in any way good or bad. I have no way to judge what either of these guys can do at this time.

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tussey's picture

Honestly I think it's too hard to tell right now.  Just because this was a very poor representation of who they will be working with in terms of line and receivers.  JT had a slight advantage in that he was only facing 1 corner competing for a starting job and seemed to go to whoever Sarac? (#33) was covering.  Whereas CJ was going against two.  

buckskin's picture

Is this a circle drill question?

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CptBuckeye24's picture

I have concerns with each.  Jones needs to control that arm and make good decisions.  I thought JT looked better yesterday than he did at Student Appreciation Day.  But with that being said, his size is a major concern to me.  I noticed how he struggled to see over the OL during last weekend's scrimmage.  The footwork seemed to be off at times when he struggled to see downfield, which negatively impacted his throws and velocity.    I just felt like his field vision is not there.  I stood right next to him last weekend and he was at least 2-3 inches shorter than me and I am barely 6-2. He really has the build of a WR or DB.  In all honesty, I would not be surprised if he was 5-11 and 200 pounds. There is no way he is 6-1 and 225, as he is listed on the roster.  To put it into perspective, Warren Ball is listed at 6-1 and 224.  Maybe that field vision will develop, but his size is an impediment to that.  Will be able to be a starting QB and consistently take those hits?!?!....

I felt like JT has better decision making than Jones but JT might have the shorter road to be ready as the starter.



nikolajz1's picture

Yeah thats the one thing I noticed about JT. He is tiny which is fine if you are Johnny Manziel, but JT isnt. 

bucks15's picture

Assuming the offensive line plays like that, i'd be more comfortable with Barrett.  He seemed more comfortable handling the pressure and escaping it with his legs.  Also, I think he has a higher ceiling than Cardale.

That said I think Cardale is better suited as the back up assuming the offensive line improves, which it should with Decker and Efflein playing and having the summer and fall to develop 3 more linemen.  When Cardale had time to stand in the pocket he made some really nice throws, which is something the coaches probably saw in practice this Spring.  

dlb72osu's picture

I don't believe we have the qb on our roster currently that will follow BM as the starter. Once more, imo the three qb's we saw Saturday will continue to be capable backups but I think we may see a true freshman step into the leading role next year; if all the hype we are hearing is true! Sans Bauserman, we have all been spoiled by very good qb's over the last decade.

All of this is strictly my opinion and I would greatly appreciate other input.

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nikolajz1's picture

I think if we get Gibson he will definitely redshirt for a year similar to Manziel and Winston just to learn good mechanics. So we will need one of these guys to step up and start for a year. I think 2015 is gonna be a bit rough minus Braxton . 

otrain2416's picture

It was honestly hard to make a call, our O-line was bad the QBs played bad. Just based off of what I saw both guys definitely need another year to develop and both have accuracy issues. I'm not gonna lie I will be scared for us offensively if Braxton goes down. Makes me wonder if we should have taken Zaire or Trubisky (both who had excellent spring games). 

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seafus26's picture

I'll take Jones if its a bullring competition. Barrett if it comes to making decisions, moving the football and looking like he's spent alot more time practicing the craft of throwing a forward pass. They could still be playing and Jones wouldn't string together enough plays to put any points on the board. Not when we are throwing it that much, at least.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

MacG91's picture

Jones. He will be Braxton's successor. 


Wesleyburgess1's picture

If I were the head coach I would have JT and Cardale as a one two punch like Urban did at Florida. Use JT as the starter and bring in CJ as the short distance/Goal Line Qb. Right now definitely Barrett.

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Mortc15's picture

I do think Jones will be the backup this year, simply because of experience right now and the next time they take the field, hopefully Braxton will be good to go meaning neither will get too many more reps with the starters. However, I think Barrett, undoubtedly, has more upside than Jones and I give him a better chance at being the 2015 starter over Jones.