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I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN but my dad and his family are from Toledo, OH. We are Buckeye fans in my family, but I married a UT Vol girl... It's okay though because she is a wonderful woman and smokin' hot. I love to get on here and talk about Buckeye football. I'm an elementary school PE teacher, so each day I'm molding the youth of America.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: October 6th, 2012. My first experience in The Shoe versus Nebraska.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: JJ Redick... Sorry I know he's not a Buckeye but probably the best pure shooter ever to play college
  • NFL TEAM: Tennessee Titans
  • MLB TEAM: Atlanta Braves

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Comment 14 Jan 2015

Next year's 2-deep isn't negative talk.  It's fun to look at who's coming back and who could be stepping up.  I agree with the other nonsense tho.  

Comment 14 Jan 2015

If anyone should've been left out, it should've been FSU.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

The scenario that makes the most sense is:

1)  Braxton either transfers to Houston with Herman or changes positions

2)  Barrett and Jones battle it out for starting QB with Collier and Burrow as back-ups

Comment 14 Jan 2015

JT Barrett addressed the pic on Twitter yesterday when somebody called him out.  He said he was praying and thanking God.  I'm at work so I can't embed the tweet.  

Comment 29 Dec 2014

Harbough never won a Rose Bowl while at Stanford. It's also been reported that he still has desires and goals for the NFL. Making him the highest paid coach in college football makes no sense. 

Comment 28 Dec 2014

I agree... But everyone needs to get paid. Urban is the face of the program and all of the responsibility falls directly on him. Coordinators need to be $1M+ and Urban needs to be at $7M. 

Comment 28 Dec 2014

A lot of smoke out there about this. New report saying he's looking into Oregon and LSU. People can deny stuff all day, but I honestly believe he's looked into it. Not saying he is going to transfer, but I think he's looking at his options. 

Comment 17 Dec 2014

I'm neutral on the Tebow situation right now. Would be great for leadership and recruiting, but I'm not sold on him being able to develop QBs. I'd like to look at some other options. Maybe have him on the list but later down the road. 

Comment 14 Dec 2014

OSU needs to pay up and keep Herman in Columbus until a prime power 5 school comes calling. I was critical of Herman earlier in the season but it seems he's opening up the playbook now and has developed the QBs really well. 

Comment 13 Dec 2014

I agree with doubling his salary. There's a reason why Kirby Smart has been at Bama for so long. He makes a ton of money and doesn't have all the stress of being a head coach.  Also, my dad works part-time for Hershey. I might be able to get some Reese Cups to help the cause. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

We need to pay our assistants a little more after this year.  I know they already make a ton of money, but they have done a phenomenal job considering all of the adversity this team has faced.  Let's pay these guys that way we don't have to worry about them leaving for jobs like Tulsa, Kansas, and Houston.  If it were a big time job, I'd understand them leaving but we don't need to lose assistants to small programs.