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Spring Game on TV?

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March 30, 2014 at 3:09pm

Anyone know if the spring game will be on tv? I have been looking around and can't find any info.

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When I was living back in Ohio it was on ONN but I think they showed it on the B1G Network last year.

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All I know is that like at least 6 other B1G teams are having their Spring Game the same day and time as ours. It should be interesting. I think last year it was available online via B1G Network- meaning no one watched it. 

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Last year tOSU had their game same day, same time as a certain team up north. The good guys got bumped to replay "live" at 3:30. You could watch it live via BTN online though.

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When it is broadcast, would like for someone to post it up.  I'm overseas and cannot get BTN or many other.

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I put last years spring game on youtube. I'll upload this years game and post a link.

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Much appreciated - +1 ........... you Renegade

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What is your channel name? I'll subscribe. Thanks

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If you overseas you should check out BTN2Go.com  

The Big Ten Network has and excellent online streaming site and I believe its free for overseas customers

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Not sure what other teams have their spring game that day, but I imagine the only other team that could bump us from a live showing on BTN would be that team up north. I doubt they would do that two years in a row. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Hopefully it will be up on YouTube shortly after it's broadcasted. 

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If by shortly after, you mean before my 10th beer on Saturday night...then yes, it will be.

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You're the man Renegade!

The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools. 

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It's been on BTN the last few years and should be this year, as well. I think it was time delayed one year, but on the same day. 

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FYI: On BTN's schedule for April 12th, OSU's Spring Game is listed to begin at 1:30 pm eastern, followed by the games for Wisky, Penn State, and Nebby. OSU's game will be re-aired @ 11 pm and then on Sunday the 13th @ 10 am.

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The B1G Network owns the rights to the spring games now.

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If nothing else works I might try this link: www.firstrows.eu

I'm not sure the game will be on. But, if it is you will be bugged by ads. Stll, it is better than nothing.

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As others said, last year it was shown on BTN2GO live and then shown on their network later that day. It will be nice if it is shown live on the network this year. I've already set it as a "don't bother me" day. Can't wait!

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I've already set it as a "don't bother me" day.

- I'll be out of town celebrating my 10th anniversary.  The late night showing is tempting - maybe I could call it her anniversary gift to me?  Maybe not.  The DVR at home better not mess up the recording, though.

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