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NCAA hypocrisy

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March 14, 2014 at 10:45am

I would love to know what the thought process is of the NCAA. Christian Bryant ,essentially, missed out on an entire year of playing but then gives this guy a medical redshirt?  Is it because OSU is going to be a BOSS next year, with or without CB, but especially with him so they figure OSU doesn't need him?  Idk....can someone try to explain the method behind the madness that is the NCAA?

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Yes, they did this just so Ohio State couldn't have Christian Bryant next year. They hate us. Give me a break.

Look, the NCAA fucking sucks. We all know that. But to think there is some kind of conspiracy against us is ridiculous. This falls in line with ESPN too.

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"The NCAA hates us because SEC something something..."

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Because Mark Emmert was the university president of LSU and he hand picked Nick Saban to be the head coach?  Those two are close personal friends.

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Christian missed a combined entire year of playing. I understand the logic behind that thought but you can't just combine separate years with separate injuries and expect things to work out like that. Plus that would've given him a 6th year of eligibility. "This guy" that you refer to gets a 5th year, which would be normal on a regular redshirt and he missed all but 3 games this season.

I just don't understand the uproar about this. Yeah, it sucks we don't have Bryant next year, but he has to go at some point. Time to just move on.

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Looks like Jamal Golden played less than 30% of GT's schedule last year.

More on CB (and Jordan Hall's med rs) and why he was not deemed eligible under current NCAA regs here:


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He did not miss a whole year of competition based on your thought process because the NCAA only counts a year at a time.  They do not cover the whole players career; it is broken down into seasons.  The NCAA is garbage, but you're reaching here.

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Just another hate crime

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Get a rope!

Go Bucks!

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I'm a CB fan.  However he had a season-ending injury at the END of his 5th game in his senior year. (um, close out the game strong guys, _ire _ickell!)  On a year by year basis, you usually have to play in at most 4 games to get a medical redshirt for the year.  

Somehow Jordan Hall was able to score one after getting injured in the first half of his 5th game in 2012 (_ichgan State).  I guess you can infer where the cut off point is.

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