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Comment 17 Apr 2014

My little Buckeye girl.  My wife and I are expecting twin boys (ETA: less than a week) ...we already got some Buckeye gear for them.  (see below)

Kissing Brutus
First Buckeye Game!  (Buffalo)

We got the head gear for our twins!

Head gear for our future Buckeyes


Comment 17 Apr 2014

This is so spot on, it's crazy! As an Ohio State Buckeyes fanatic, I have made peace with the fact that, unless I have an extra $500 laying around, going to see the Buckeyes on a Saturday in the fall, with the entire family, will be nearly impossible. This revelation was clear when I was forced to scalp a $60 ticket for my 1 yr old daughter last year.

FYI: Disney World is free for children under a certain age...DW offers a hell of a lot more for children to take in than a football game, btw. So wake up OSU...

Comment 12 Nov 2013

Hoke remains confident in his team. He pointed to all they’ve been through – 5:30 workouts, hot summer days, spring and fall camp, etc. He said the media didn’t go through all of that.


So like every other team?  Michigan sucks and the only thing that distinguishes him from Rich Rod is 1 win against the worst OSU team in about 100 years and recruiting...other than some more donuts and join in with your team at their 5:30 workouts...