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OSU, Clemson, A&M Coaches meet in Cbus last week

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March 7, 2014 at 9:41pm

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It was a roast for Saban & Bert. Except they weren't invited. 

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They don't mention under .500 coaches.

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Wow nice find. Why cant I up vote you for finding this? Did they do away with that or something?

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Yes- original posts can no longer be up/down voted. Although if they said why I missed that part. 

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I also missed why, and I can't think of any good reasons. If the op posts something good like this, he should be able to be upvoted. On the other hand, people can create totally ridiculous and trolling forum posts and as long as they don't comment, they aren't subject to a single downvote.  Yes, there are work-arounds for this, but it still seems pretty stupid to take the post voting away. 

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Not a shocker as these teams along with Oregon all share film during the season as a group to all get better on offense and adjust to new defenses 

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Thanks Mtrotb, hope the Coaches on D are doing something out of the box to improve as well.  

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Nice find.  

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I hope Herman really picked Morris' brain.  I was just as impressed with Clemson's offense as I was unimpressed with OSU's defense in the Orange Bowl. 

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I think this is really cool that these coaches are willing to collaborate and share secrets. I wonder also why this wasn't a bigger story, as well? I like that Urban Meyer, even though he is one of the best coaches, if not the best, is willing to have himself and his assistants learn from other programs. That takes humility. Something they don't have in Ann Arbor.



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