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Spring Practice #2 - Billy Price the Strongest Ever?!

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March 6, 2014 at 11:07pm

Ed Warriner tells reporters that Coach Mick says Billy Price maybe the strongest guy he's ever trained! That's pretty high praise as Prince and Boren battle for the starting spot at center. Warriner says the starting o-line doesn't need to be determined until about ten days before the first game

Ed Warriner Q&A - Spring Practice #2: 

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Tom Herman Q&A - Spring Practice #2: 

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Luke Fickell Q&A - Spring Practice #2: 

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I saw the typed version of that answer about his job, and it actually makes less sense hearing him say it than it did before. That answer was like a lost puppy.

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Strong work as always Gray Box

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Ditto that KN - the man brings it every day

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Simon was a weight room freak too. They must feed those Youngstown boys differently lol 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Warriner is an amazing OLine coach

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Vernon Gholston was a weightroom freak, also. 

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Uh oh, Herman said "get paid to do". Wonder how long till people start claiming OSU pays their players.

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ESPN is already writing the headline.