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Yahoo: Which College's produce the most NFL Talent?

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March 3, 2014 at 8:07pm

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Surprised by the rank of Cal, Ole Miss, Wisconsin and Utah.

Confirms my point about Illinois. No excuse for them to perform at the levels they have ... Embarrassing. 

+3 HS
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Knarcisi, when I saw Illinois on there I about shat myself, we share the exact same thoughts my friend...I still think the Big Ten needs to spit out the money for top level coaching...top assistants...I think that is the first real step to be taken in bettering the conference. Hard to sell Indiana though, but if I am Illinois I am like, "Look kids, we spit out NFL starters like crazy"

Go Buckeyes! 

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There were definitly some surprises on that list

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Least efficient pops up a bunch when analyzing draft rounds.  What does that category say about OSU?  Coaches make kids appear better than they are?  NFL front offices have an inflated opinion of Buckeye players?  They arent ready for the NFL grind? 

If im a B1G coach going up against UFM in recruiting battles,mI'm showing kids that collection of stats.  Of course, none of his guys are eligible yet...

A man got to have a code...

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When you amass 3 starts from 4 draft classes it makes the entire B1G look bad.

I am willing to bet every other big team had more starts in 2013. SMH

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Echoing the notice of Michigan's 3 starts since the 2009 season… 


+1 HS