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Comment 27 Oct 2014

I agree, but why doesn't Hoke and Co. just come out and say it?

I mean Michigan responded quickly to a Tent Stake quicker than they did any Concussion protocols or other injuries, such as Peppers 

Comment 27 Oct 2014

I think too many people may be looking into this too seriously. Although, I enjoy that! Ha! 

My unfortunate _ichigan fan friend says he has a Bone chip in his knee which he received vs App State and is taking a Medical? I called him out on this Peppers situation and said all rumor. So who knows at this point. 

Comment 30 Sep 2014

They hate us because we win....we are a traditional power house. Much like the reasons people "Hate the Yankee's" or why they hated the Miami Heat with LeBron. Hell, I hated the Miami Heat because of LeBron. 

I mean, Buckeye Guy at the end says it all with his laugh....EMBRACE THE HATE. I'd rather be hated because we are awesome then felt sorry for because we are stuck in mediocrity, looking you Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin. 

ESPN acknowledges how Buckeye Nation always says "ESPN Hates us" with this commercial, IMO. 

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I agree man, wide, wide open!

I alreayd know though, OSU will not have a fair shake, and, maybe they don't deserve it because of the VT game....but then I see teams struggle and look so unimpressive, they were just lucky enough to pull out the wins. 

It is like everyone is getting someones best, every Saturday. I just don't think OSU should have fallen all the way to 20. 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

No doubt it will be Braxton and to be honest, we are 3 games into the season, one of which was a loss, JT was not that great in that game, for so many reasons. But the weight scale right now is not really something to go off of. Kent State was like a High School Team. Let's see what JT does in Big Ten Play, especially vs MSU, _ichigan, PSU. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I see you are one of those guys who want to throw the "These guys are young" card around. Well no crap sherlock, these are college kids, they will always be young. I only agree with you as far as the "Stop saying this guy or that guy needs to quite or be fired" because yes, that is getting very old.

However, back to your "We are young and inexperienced card."

Southern Cal has 2 True Freshman Guards and a right tackle who is brand new. So, please, Spare us the young and inexperienced. 

That game last night was such a disaster it is hard to pinpoint just ONE main problem, there are many. Hopefully it gets fixed over the course of the year and next year we are taken seriously. 

We will find out if we learned any lesson last night. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Offensive line....Bad

Corey Smith....uber bad! 

JT not ready...clearly. 

Coaches - clueless! 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

OMG...Dontre On Cue! Wow! 

Comment 06 Sep 2014


This post suddenly does not seem ridiculous. I mean, apparently I am not the only one seeing this. 

Don't get me wrong, I want DW to be everything we thought we were getting. Right now he is not. 

I am not sure why we avoided the run game but we didn't use the combo of Wilson, Marshall, Samuel, EZE nearly as much as I thought we would have. 

Lets cross fingers for some last min miracles and the OL is relevant for more than 3-5 seconds a play! 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

You mad? Why are you so mad bro? Personal attacks is the way you handle discussions? Put your big boy pants on. I never said teams will instill the triple option but you are blind if you don't think teams will implement some run option plays. We simply cannot stop the run, unless this team learns to be more disciplined at tackling we will see a lot of 10 yard runs, down our throats. 

Second, I never said write the season off. We still won the game. 

Continue on, cry away. Respond when you are ready to act like a grown up and have a real discussion. Or did you write the rules around here? 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

I will say this has been one of Urban's worst coaching games, however, he is still a top 5 coach. I think the real issue is he was not able to get these top assistants like he had at Florida.

What we are seeng today is really a blueprint for other teams facing Ohio State on what to run. No idea why this team does not understand the concept of tackling. Why are we trying to hit stick everyone? If they play well sound, fundemental football on the defensive side of things this game may be a different story.

Barrett has show the kid can throw, so why are we coddling him? Let him learn from mistakes (misreads, INT's) we cannot simply baby him through the entire season. 

Lastly, Less Rod Smith, more Jalin Marshall. 

Comment 27 Apr 2014

Watching Mr. Settle's interview I am glad we are not recruiting this kid. I am no psychologist but I can already tell this kid could have issues going forward. Very egotistical, Tim Settle loves himself some Tim Settle. The fact that the Buckeyes are not "showing him love" is considered disrespectful should be everyone's first sign that it is all about the attention he thinks he is deserved. Boston College and Maryland may offer soon according to him but they are late to his party to even be considered...so...BC and Maryland don't waste your time, apparently. Kid cannot even stand still and couldn't stop clapping his hands while the interview was being conducted. 

Comment 03 Mar 2014

As "FromThe18" said, I share the same feelings, however, it is always welcomed news when you see things like this because...well, why wouldn't it be? Hopefully things swing the Buckeyes way and we can look back at this thread and all high five each other. Long ass way to go but for now and this early, kind of sweet music to hear!

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Knarcisi, when I saw Illinois on there I about shat myself, we share the exact same thoughts my friend...I still think the Big Ten needs to spit out the money for top level coaching...top assistants...I think that is the first real step to be taken in bettering the conference. Hard to sell Indiana though, but if I am Illinois I am like, "Look kids, we spit out NFL starters like crazy"

Comment 28 Feb 2014

I will second what OSUStu has provided, myself have went through CYP and it is worth it...always putting on events, they have recreational things such as Basketball, Volleyball etc...if you haven't already I would advise creating a LinkedIn account, it has worked for me and I have connected with all kinds of people around the Columbus area for job serving purposes!


welcome home and best of luck!

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Shortly after the woman reported the rape, she began to receive threats from Gibbons roommate and fellow football player, Taylor Lewan (now an All-American), that he would rape her again if she pressed charges against Gibbons.

Here is the link to the original story and who knew, this one actually had some legs and everyone tried to push it off as hogwash:




Comment 25 Feb 2014

So th eoriginal story that was written on this randomly decided to say that Taylor said "If you tell I will rape you" or something along those lines of being raped again?

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Yes we agree, I just think the whole Ann Arbor argument should be tossed. Of course a dozen of UM fans are going to say Lewan didn't do it, but there have been others as well who said it was Lewan and when you are big time on a campus like that, I am sure cover-ups like that will occur, I am sure it has happened in Columbus a time or two, I just ask because Lewan is involved in this rape scandal for intimidation of the alleged victim, so I guess color me not shocked that Lewan may have beat the snot out of a fan, got away with it, seemingly like he is with this Rape thing.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

You seem to be following this rather closely "M Man" so thanks for sharing everything. The only thing I am going to call you out on is your quote above "Well then you don't know Ann Arbor" and my question to you is: Is this Ann Arbor the same Ann Arbor who's police pretty much laughed at the victim of Taylor Lewans sucker punch of the Buckeye fan and then thought the best way to resolve this assault was to make a mockery of it by having Lewan shake the victims hand and apologize all while he did it with his like smirk? Just curious, is all!