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Comment 27 Apr 2014

Watching Mr. Settle's interview I am glad we are not recruiting this kid. I am no psychologist but I can already tell this kid could have issues going forward. Very egotistical, Tim Settle loves himself some Tim Settle. The fact that the Buckeyes are not "showing him love" is considered disrespectful should be everyone's first sign that it is all about the attention he thinks he is deserved. Boston College and Maryland may offer soon according to him but they are late to his party to even be considered...so...BC and Maryland don't waste your time, apparently. Kid cannot even stand still and couldn't stop clapping his hands while the interview was being conducted. 

Comment 03 Mar 2014

As "FromThe18" said, I share the same feelings, however, it is always welcomed news when you see things like this because...well, why wouldn't it be? Hopefully things swing the Buckeyes way and we can look back at this thread and all high five each other. Long ass way to go but for now and this early, kind of sweet music to hear!

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Knarcisi, when I saw Illinois on there I about shat myself, we share the exact same thoughts my friend...I still think the Big Ten needs to spit out the money for top level coaching...top assistants...I think that is the first real step to be taken in bettering the conference. Hard to sell Indiana though, but if I am Illinois I am like, "Look kids, we spit out NFL starters like crazy"

Comment 28 Feb 2014

I will second what OSUStu has provided, myself have went through CYP and it is worth it...always putting on events, they have recreational things such as Basketball, Volleyball etc...if you haven't already I would advise creating a LinkedIn account, it has worked for me and I have connected with all kinds of people around the Columbus area for job serving purposes!


welcome home and best of luck!

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Shortly after the woman reported the rape, she began to receive threats from Gibbons roommate and fellow football player, Taylor Lewan (now an All-American), that he would rape her again if she pressed charges against Gibbons.

Here is the link to the original story and who knew, this one actually had some legs and everyone tried to push it off as hogwash:




Comment 25 Feb 2014

So th eoriginal story that was written on this randomly decided to say that Taylor said "If you tell I will rape you" or something along those lines of being raped again?

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Yes we agree, I just think the whole Ann Arbor argument should be tossed. Of course a dozen of UM fans are going to say Lewan didn't do it, but there have been others as well who said it was Lewan and when you are big time on a campus like that, I am sure cover-ups like that will occur, I am sure it has happened in Columbus a time or two, I just ask because Lewan is involved in this rape scandal for intimidation of the alleged victim, so I guess color me not shocked that Lewan may have beat the snot out of a fan, got away with it, seemingly like he is with this Rape thing.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

You seem to be following this rather closely "M Man" so thanks for sharing everything. The only thing I am going to call you out on is your quote above "Well then you don't know Ann Arbor" and my question to you is: Is this Ann Arbor the same Ann Arbor who's police pretty much laughed at the victim of Taylor Lewans sucker punch of the Buckeye fan and then thought the best way to resolve this assault was to make a mockery of it by having Lewan shake the victims hand and apologize all while he did it with his like smirk? Just curious, is all!

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I bought that shirt last May. One of my favorite shirts...bought mine at Finishline here at one of the Columbus Malls (Tuttle), Of course you have those people who don't understand that "THE" is for "THEE" in regards to OSU so people who are either trolls or just don't know always see my shirt and say "The?"


Come on bro....is kind of my response!

Comment 03 Feb 2014

My thoughts - Someone better tell his parents it doesn't matter where he goes at this point, Malik will run into the same kind of people, extraciriculars no matter where he goes, OSU, FSU, MSU, UM, Toledo, Cleveland State, Alabama IT Tech, the same kind of surroundings will come out from somewhere...as much as I love to rag on UM, I won't sit here and tell you those same people or temptations are NOT in Columbus, Ohio

I actually feel sorry for the kid that this decision is turning out to be harder than it really should be...its almost as if Malik's parents don't trust their son to make good decisions...he is 18, bad decisions are expected, it is how you learn from stupidity and mistakes that will make Malik a better person and make better choices in the future!