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2014 Bye Weeks

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February 27, 2014 at 4:17pm

Looking at 2014 schedule and we really didn't get any help from the league. Our bye's come after game 3 and game 5. And our opponents coming out of bye week are Cincinnati and Rutgers. Not Ideal, in terms of timing of bye's nor who our following match up is against, would rather the opponent be one of our stronger opponents. In contrast looking at 3 of our tougher match up (at least on paper) and their bye weeks, it appears they will be well rested.

Michigan State - After Game 2 and After Game 8 - Next opponent OSU

Penn State - After Game 5 - Next opponent Mich - After Game 6 - OSU

Mich - After Game 7 - Next opponent Mich State - After Game 10 - game 11 get Maryland at home before "The Game" 

Personally would much rather have bye weeks in the middle and late in the year as opposed to what we got. Also, would much rather be coming off a bye to play a rival. All three of ours get bye right before playing us (except Mich which gets one two weeks before). Plus Mich lucks out by getting one before it's two rivals.


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The good news is all three of those games come after (what should be) easy games - Rutgers before Penn State, Indiana before Michigan and lastly, and probably the least easy of the three, is Illinois before, probably the hardest of the three latter teams, Michigan State. 

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It's surely not an ideal situation, but oh well. IMO, there are no excuses. You win or you don't. Having a bye week sometimes also gives a team some rustiness. It is nice to have the extra week to prepare for a big game, but that's how the cookie crumbles.


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With the kind of depth UFM is building these days, a bye week in league play for us will almost not be fair to the rest of the B1G.

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at least there isn't a stretch run of 4 games in a row like last year where our opponents had their bye weeks before playing us.

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Kind of been this way for the last few years

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if this happened to bama, saban would throw the biggest temper tantrum cfb has ever seen.

I think we'll be fine tho.

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