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Depth Chart

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February 15, 2014 at 5:19pm

Was curious to see who you guys see getting PT next year.

QB-Braxton Miller / JT Barett/ Cardale Jones

Obviously Braxton is the guy.

RB- Ezekiel Elliot/ Brionte Dunn/ Rodd Smith or Warren Ball

I think this is the pecking order for the "true" RB position. 2012, I loved Rodd Smith, but he disappeared this past year. Gotta think there is something going on behind the scenes, given his history.

Hybrid- Dontre Wilson AND Curtis Samuel

I see Dontre lining up primarily at WR with getting a couple of carries, and Samuel being a RB and lining up at WR occasionally.

WR (Just the guys who will play) -Devin Smith / James Clark / Jeff Green / Jalin Marshall / Evan Spencer / Johnnie Dixon / Mike Thomas / Corey Smith

I think we are going to go deep at WR with all of the young talent on the roster. I think Johnnie Dixon could turn some heads his FR year. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a Freshman All American.

TE-Huerman / Vannett / Baugh

Solid group. Huerman could be one of the first TE's drafted next year if they get the ball to him this year.

LT -Decker / LG- Elflien / C-Boren or Price / RG- Price, Knox or Dodson/ RT- Baldwin or Jamarco

Wouldn't be surprised at all to see one of the freshman start, while another is in the 2 deep. Don't think our O-Line will be as good as last year, but not as "bad" as people may think.

DE-Spence AND Marcus / DT-Bennett / DT-Washington / DE-Bosa

Bosa and Washington will rotate between DT and DE due to their flexibility. I actually think Jamal Marcus could see time at LBer after Spence comes back from his suspension. Best D-Line in the country bar none.

WLB-Trey Johnson and Marcus / MLB- McMillan AND Grant / SLB- Perry (with one of the Freshman getting snaps)

Fully expect the LBers to be much better, even though they weren't as bad as most think. Fickell is an excellent LB coach and will get the boys ready. I think Booker and Hubbard will see the field in some capacity.

CB-Grant / CB-Apple OR Conley / S-Powell / S- Bell / S- Burrows

The youth movement. Reeves will have to improve drastically if he wants to start next season. Meyer has constantly brought Conley's name up when saying he shouldn't have redshirted some of the freshman. 

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I'd say that's a damn good guess at the depth chart except I think Worley gets in the 2 deep behind Perry instead of a freshman(he did move to linebacker right?) but that's about it

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Can't wait to watch that D-line next year. There's a lot to look forward to for sure, but that is going to be something else.

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I really hope we start to see a nice rotation of guys along the dline.  Vrable stuck to much with playing the same 4-6 guys.  Need to bump that up to about 10-12 so they can play mean and nasty every snap.  Also would be nice to see more batted balls on the quick throws. Johnson preaches that so hopefully we see more of it next year

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I think Dunn is going to leap frog EzE this year.  I always thought he was talented and I've heard through the grape vine he's really stepped it up.  I think he would have been #2 last year if he didn't red shirt.

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BassDropper's picture

I would be surprised if he ended up starting over Ezekiel Elliot. Not a slight to Dunn, I think Elliot has brings more to the position. I think we could end up seeing a strong 2 man rotation at some point. I do think Brionte puts it all together this year. With Braxton not wanting to run as much next year we could still see two 1,000 yard rushers, Elliott and Dunn


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I wouldn't be surprised to see 3-4 people running the ball this year NOT named Braxton. If you have the horses, use them. I think Rod Smith gets the nod if he can shake that fumbling title he has received. Has great size, vision and the speed and is a great blocker just like Hyde was. Followed by EzE, Brionte and in certain situations, Dontre. Honestly it's a toss up between Smith and EzE IMO. Hell even Brionte could come in and surprise everyone. I'll be honest, I have no clue who will start, but we should see a lot of depth this year at both WR and RB. I'm excited.

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I wouldn't count out Warren Ball yet. That kid bleeds S&G as much as anyone on this team, and he's dreamed of running for the Buckeyes since he was a baby. If he can stay healthy, he will see the field. By no means is this a slight against guys like EzE, Dunn and Smith. Those guys are fantastic backs with tons of talent. However, I really think Ball will make it happen this year.


I could see a rotation between the 4 big backs until Meyer and Herman gain enough confidence in one of them. It took them more than half of the 2012 season before they started riding Hyde almost exclusively. I'd expect to only see Dontre and Curtis Samuel at RB only as a change of pace and to stretch the defence sideline to sideline.

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I can see this. If they all perform at the spring game, then all do what they need to do in fall camp. Its a really good thing to be rich at this position. And we can never count out other things that might happen. 

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I think Underwood and Farris both get a shot at that RG spot as well. Seems to be up for grabs.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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I think the spring game will give a glance to what some of the positions will look like. In the past sometimes the SUPERSTAR of the spring game doesn't always see playing time during the season.

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This team man is awesome lol


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I great really confused when all your comments about the lineup are in sarcasm font.

Marcus is staying at Viper, and I hope Bosa and Washington stay at SSDE.  I don't see Dodson at guard (yet anyway), and Jamarco will have to fight Dodson/Lisle and some others before he gets an opportunity to start.

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buckeye4life050233's picture

schematically on for sure passing downs like 3rd and 10 or longer and what not it would be nice to have spence on one end and marcus coming off the other.  I kept telling my dad throughout the year that marcus should have saw the field a lot more than what he did and he proved it in the orange bowl

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No chance Marcus is the backup DE and backing up Will.  Worley/Bogard/Booker will be the backup Will.

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Who are the other DL guys who will rotate with the 4 named?  UFM talks about needing depth at the position to keep them fresh because the scoring pace on offense doesn't give them much rest.

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buckeye4life050233's picture

Schutt, Carter, Sprinkle, Hill, Munger, Lewis, Miller

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“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”

buckeye4life050233's picture

and then if one of the three incoming freshman come in ready to go slade, holmes or Thompson....the dline is loaded

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The running back position will be interesting I bet a lot of players get carries but I bet a lot of carries are eze and brionte


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Looks good, only thing I see is that J.T. Moore might see snaps at TE instead of Baugh - depending on what happens with him.

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Didn't I read somewhere that JT Moore was not coming back for this year?  I mean no offense by this I never hope a player doesn't come back but I thought on a scholarship numbers topic I saw he was out.

Hovenaut's picture

First I've heard anything like that on Moore...hope that isn't the case. As in things are okay with him as well as Ohio State at TE.

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People wishcasting. Moore is on a bunch of the special units. Further, Baugh is on proverbial double secret probation and has only been with the team for about three months since he enrolled. I'm sure Marcus has a playbook and workout routine, but when you've been suspended from team activities multiple times, falling behind is a certainty. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he shows up for summer (if not spring), but he has lots of ground to make up. They need JT either way.


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If I were the coach (and thank god I'm not) my d would be DE - Spence DT - Bennett - DT - Washington DE - Bosa LB - McMillan LB - Johnson CB Apple CB Grant FS Powell SS Bell Nickel - Damon Webb


Obviously that's assuming no suspensions (Spence) and that all the players play up to their capabilities

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ATLBuckeye09's picture

I agree with what you wrote about the offense especially about Dontre & Curtis Samuel. I think Samuel is going to be a sure fire superstar!  I don't agree with your take on the LB's last year. I thought they were good in run support but absolutely horrible in pass coverage. That was one of the reasons our safeties & corners were exposed because of the play or lack there of our LB's. I also believe there was an issue with Vrabel and how he wanted to play the DLine over the course of a game. He wants to play the best 4 and that was it. In college you can't do it that way. I would loved to have seen Jamal Marcus play a lot more last season. Don't get me wrong I like Spense a lot but Marcus has an engine that just never quits. He plays all out for 4-6 seconds every snap of the ball! We shall see if the LB play helps the secondary play in 2014. It can't be any worse. On the other hand if it doesn't get better then tOSU will not contend for a spot in the playoffs much less beat MSU on Nov 9th in E Lansing which is the game for the eastern division this season. 

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BassDropper's picture

I don't think he starts on either the D-Line or O-Line. If he ends up moving back to the D-Line he will get reps with Tommy Schutt at NG


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No way Marcus will be at Will with the LB haul we just had. They moved him to DL for a reason and he looked awesome at DE. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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chirobuck's picture

I think its ends up with Schutt and Bennett at the DTs I think Washington rotates in at both DE and DT a lot though


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QB- Miller/ Barrett/ Jones

RB- Elliott/ Smith/ Dunn/ Campbell (F) / Ball  <----- I could see Parris playing RB this year

H- Dontre/ Samuel (F) / McClaurin (F)? <---- I don't know if Run-TMC will  play that position

TE- Heuerman/ Vannett/ Baugh/  Noah Brown (F) ?  <---- I wouldn't mind seeing Brown playing TE

WR- D.Smith or Michael Thomas/ C. Smith/ Greene

WR- Spencer or Marshall/ Clark/ Dixon (F)

LT- Decker/ Dodson/ J. Jones (F)

LG- Elflein/ Hale/ Knox (F)  <----Dispatch reported Hale was switched to the offensive side

C- Boren/ Price  <----- I could see Price playing GUARD as well

RG- Farris/ Underwood  <---don't know if they will flip Farris back to the offensive side

RT- Baldwin/ Lisle

WDE- Spence/ Marcus/ T. Lewis

DT- Bennett/ Hill/ Carter/ Munger

DT- Washington/ Schutt/ Sprinkle <-----Diesel & Bosa could switch a lot, giving Schutt a lot of reps

SDE- Bosa/ S. Miller/ Frazier  <--- don't know if Steve Miller would move over to Strong Side

SAM- Perry/ Hubbard (F) 

MIKE- C. Grant/ Raekwon (F)/ C. Williams

WILL- T. Johnson/ D. Lee/ Bogard/ Booker (F)  <---don't know if Bogard will stay at LB or move to STAR

CB- D. Grant/ Apple/ Lattimore (F)

CB- A. Reeves/ G. Conley/ Webb (F) 

STAR- T. Powell/ C. Worley

S- Bell/ Tanner

S- C. Burrows/ J. Thompson/ E. Smith (F)  <----I think Burrows moves back to Safety

K- S. Nuernberger (F)

P- C. Johnston

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Brandon26841's picture

If Brown's a legit 6-2 I think he makes the move (or should) to flex-TE as well, and I think I saw that mentioned somewhere as a possible spot for him. I don't see a ton of speed when I watch his film, but he's a versatile athlete that can do a lot of different things in an offense. Get him up to 240-245 and he's plenty big enough for that hybrid fullback / h-back role.  


As far as Bennett and Washington both starting at DT... which one's going to play nose? Neither one's skill-set fits that position, but if they're both in the top 11 (and I think they probably are) I wonder if they'll change the scheme around a little bit and maybe have both DT spots have only 1-gap responsibilities (two three-techniques basically). Also... a little of topic, but I wonder how much different of a player Washington would be or would have been had he only gotten up to around 265-270 pounds like most figured he'd play at? He's had injuries, but we've yet to really see much pass-rush ability from him.   

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sivaDavis's picture

I think Dodson takes over that RT spot. Him and Baldwin will fight for it. Also don't see Armani starting this year. Apple/Conley/Webb will make a push for that other DB spot. Money is on Apple (or a new starter) playing boundary and Doran playing field. Burrows will play star, him and Worley could thrive in that position for their physicality and Powell will stay at Safety. Everything else looks really good brother. Great post.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

Him1stftballl8er's picture

I think you're dead on for both sides of the ball on the LOS. 

- Noah Brown will be strictly a WR IMO. I have no clue who will play at receiver other than Spencer and D. Smith; look at this pool of talent to choose from:  Mike Thomas, James Clark, Jeff Greene(sp?), Corey Smith, J. Dixon, T. McLaurin(sp?), N. Brown

- Another note on WR's; I don't think Spencer is safe as a starter. Yes he can block extremely well, but I have a feeling after our passing game woes late last season Urban is going to turn up the intensity. Marshall is probably going to be in the mix for sure as well but I see him being more of a hybrid.

- I think RB is up for grabs and this is the pecking order I'm going to go with: Elliott--Smith(if he pulls his head out of his rump)--Dunn and Ball are even IMO...maybe Brionte gets the nod.

- Our new Hybrids are what I am most stoked to see. This is a loaded position for us. Here are the guys with Dontre getting the start IMO: Wilson--Samuel--Marshall--Campbell. 

- I think the starting LB's will be a given including Trey Johnson at WILL. Kwon is going to have to be one special guy to replace Curtis Grant (who also happened to be a #1 ranked LB high school recruit). 

- SS will be Powell IMO with Bell at FS. Nickel will be Burrows or Worley I'm guessing. Tanner, J. Thompson, and E. Smith will compete for 2nd team reps. 

-CB is gonna be another great battle I'm thinkin. Doran has one starting spot locked up but the other is totally up for grabs. I'm going to predict Eli Apple wins that battle. Reeves, Webb and Lattimore will be competing for 2nd team reps. 

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I absolutely agree with most of them but the one thing is i think Powell will be playing a safety position opposite Bell and Burrows will be at the STAR position


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I think I'm going to scream.......first Booker is going to move to DE, now hes a hybrid LB/DB and could play the star, the kid has the perfect frame for LBer and plays the position so naturally hes the perfect prospect for a position that we need a lot of help at, why does everyone want to put him somewhere else


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Don't worry there is only one man that can make this decision and he's on it Chiro

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Surprised there's not more love for Mike Thomas.  Nothing motivates better than riding the bench and watching the starters under-perform. I think the kid breaks out this season.  Also like Jeff Greene's chances.  6'5" 210lbs... a forty time between 4.5 and 4.6.  I'm liking this kid's chances in the red zone....

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

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After last year Urban likes big powerful running backs that can block and go up the middle, which is then backed up with runs by the H-Backs such as Dontre. I think that definitely helps Dunn and Smith, but I do think Ezekiel will have the starting spot because of his attributes which are just hard to keep off the field.