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February 13, 2014 at 10:13pm

According to a recently released NCAA study looking at 2013 attendance, Buckeyes came in at # 2 with an average home attendance of 104,933. 

They were also one of 13 teams with a total game attendance over 1M.  

1    08/31/13    Buffalo                   103,980    
2    09/07/13    San Diego State    104,984
3    09/14/13    California                 62,467
4    09/21/13    Florida A&M           103,595
5    09/28/13    Wisconsin              105,826
6    10/05/13    @Northwestern       47,330
7    Off Week
8    10/19/13    Iowa                       105,264
9    10/26/13    Penn State            105,889
10    11/02/13    @Purdue               51,423
11    Off Week
12    11/16/13    @Illinois                 44,095
13    11/23/13    Indiana                 104,990
14    11/30/13    @Michigan           113,511
15    12/07/13    Michigan State       66,002 
16    Off Week
17    01/03/14    Clemson                 72,080
Total                                            1,191,436

Ohio State missed the total attendance title by 12,750 this past year.  For what it is worth, I think we have a good chance of winning total game attendance next year. We should see an incremental increase of at least 30K easily due to having more capacity at home (Horseshoe upgrade) as well as replacing Northwestern and Illinois with opponents with slightly larger stadiums. 


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That title is only home games. Unless TTUN tanks we will never take it.

EDIT: Missed read your post.  I still think we would lose due to the stadium size difference.

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No worries...I was referencing the ALL GAME attendance record that Auburn achieved last year.  The reason I am optimistic is that we add 2500 new seats at the Shoe.  That's a 17K potential increase over 7 games when compared to last year.  In addition, the five away stadiums we play in the regular season next year will be TCF Stadium at 50K, Byrd Stadium at 54K, M&T Bank at 71K, Spartan Stadium at 75K and Beaver Stadium at 107K.  This provides another 44K potential increase compared to last years away games.  Auburn's 2013 mark is easily surpassed by assuming next year's post season totals will be about the same and we get at least half of the potential increases identified above.  The biggest unknown is I haven't figured out if there is anyone else poised to make a bigger jump in total all game attendance than us next year.

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You are also assuming OSU returns to the B1G 10 title game which is definitely not a given.

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Boy that NW attendance is a shocker - I would have thought Ryan Field could hold more than just over 47,000

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I was a little surprised by that as well.  Although, I do recall that stadium looking rather small on TV during the game.

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True and you wonder if there are any plans for expansion. 

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Also factor in 2 "bowl" games, with the semi-finals and NCG, which we all plan on being involved in.

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Even with that dud of an OOC schedule, Buckeye Nation shows up.

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The real shocker is Illinois, not NW.  NW was sold out, I beleive Illinois has a capacity of something like 65k yet there were only 44 there.

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Donuts.  Donuts are the answer to put OSU over the top.

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