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I am an adopted buckeye in enemy territory; originally from Rochester,NY; lived in Columbus from 1995-2001; wife received bachelors from OSU in 1997 and masters degree in 1999; moved to GA, then TX and now back in north Atlanta area

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Comment 13 Feb 2014

I was a little surprised by that as well.  Although, I do recall that stadium looking rather small on TV during the game.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

No worries...I was referencing the ALL GAME attendance record that Auburn achieved last year.  The reason I am optimistic is that we add 2500 new seats at the Shoe.  That's a 17K potential increase over 7 games when compared to last year.  In addition, the five away stadiums we play in the regular season next year will be TCF Stadium at 50K, Byrd Stadium at 54K, M&T Bank at 71K, Spartan Stadium at 75K and Beaver Stadium at 107K.  This provides another 44K potential increase compared to last years away games.  Auburn's 2013 mark is easily surpassed by assuming next year's post season totals will be about the same and we get at least half of the potential increases identified above.  The biggest unknown is I haven't figured out if there is anyone else poised to make a bigger jump in total all game attendance than us next year.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

I haven't posted much on this site but I thought I would pass on this website for your enjoyment!

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Comment 08 Feb 2014

First time poster here and I thought it would be good to get things started with this contest.

10 - Jerome Baker
  9 - Justin Hilliard
  8 - Torrance Gibson
  7 - Terry Beckner Jr
  6 - Christian Wilkins
  5 - Drew Richmond
  4 - Ricky DeBerry
  3 - Sterling Jenkins
  2 - Damarkus Lodge
  1 - Soso Jamabo