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July 28, 2014 at 2:34am

1. It's 2:25 AM and I have no idea why I am still wide awake and thinking about OSU basketball
2. What do you guys see being the Buckeye lineup this year(including like backups and what not)?
Shannon Scott, D'Angelo Russell, Sam Thompson, Anthony Lee, Amir Williams is what I see as the starters with Marc Loving, Keita Bates-Diop, and Kam Williams getting meaningful minutes off the bench(maybe Jae'Sean Tate if he comes back well) and then Trey McDonald getting some minor minutes seeing as we do not need his depth as much. I don't know just the thoughts of a guy getting random thoughts at 2 in the morning

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Starting 5: Scott, Russell, Slam, Lee, Williams. 1st guy off the bench is Loving while Lee moves to the 5 (I think their best 5 on the floor). Kam Williams is being pegged as 2nd best shooter on the team. Williams can sub in for Russell or Scott as Russell can play the point but there is no true backup PG. Limited minutes for Diop and McDonald.

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Tate will definitely see the floor with his ability to defend 3 positions.  He will get some solid minutes in a backup role this year

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I think a lot of people will be surprised with Diop this year and get more playing time than expected just because of his scoring

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I agree with you on KBD. He reminds me of a better rebounding version of Laquinton. Just good at everything on the offensive end. Maybe a taller Deshaun Thomas is a better comparison. He should definitely push Loving for minutes at the 4

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1st guy off the bench is Loving while Lee moves to the 5 (I think their best 5 on the floor). 

I am in complete agreement that this may be the best 5 on the floor when Loving comes in for Amir. Why does it always seem that Ohio State's best 5 is rarely the starting 5? ...and I digress... 


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It will be Scott, Russell, Thompson, Lee and Amir. But I see KBD getting subbed in quickly for Amir and Lee moving to center for a smaller but more scoring team.

I see Kam getting in next, basically starting a rotation of Scott, Russell and Kam at the two guard spots. Tate will get plenty of minutes but he might have to wait for Kam and KBD to get subbed in first. Same for Loving. I see both of them getting plenty of minutes but they will have to wait for others. I think an active and excellent scoring lineup would be Russell and point, Kam at the 2, KBD as a long 3 who can shoot, Loving and Lee. I would be stunned if they couldn't score on anyone.

I think many are forgetting David Bell and I think he will surprise many. Kid is getting huge and I swear I think he is a true 6'11'' type center. He is much more agile than Amir and is active on the boards. I think he will be a really nice asset come the end of the season.

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There's no way Williams will start if it's not necessary. Hopefully Lee takes that position, then Slam's distant cousin Trevor (the VA Tech transfer) has his hardship waiver clear (stupid transfer rules anyway), and he (Trevor), Lee, & Bell can platoon the position. Amir & McDonald need to be welded to the last two spots on the bench permanently, IMO. They just simply aren't good and very below average for the caliber of player they SHOULD be.

If we don't lose Russell after a year, that incoming class with him, along with Tate, Mitchell, Grandstaff, & Giddens would be a PROBLEM. I would expect nothing less than a Final Four appearance, especially with depth we'd have then. 

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as much as I agree that Amir shouldn't start, I don't see it happening. He is a senior incumbent. He will be the starter at center. Lee isn't big enough to be a true center, and Bell, McDonald aren't ready either. Trevor getting a waiver to be able to play would be nice, but I don't think it will happen.

as I said above, Amir will start but after 5 or so minutes he will go to the bench for a small lineup that can score more.

I do think that Lee will help Amir a lot. As much as Ross and Deshaun were good on offense, neither were post players. Especially Ross who baffled me that he could have easily posted up the opponent but never did. He had no back to the basket game. Lee does have a post game and I think him being able to work in the post will help Amir. I don't think it will make Amir great but he won't be the only post presence on the team like last year. Granted post presence is a stretch but he really didn't have any help down low and didn't have much help with outside shooters drawing opponents away from him. Amir is limited, but anyone can be limited with 3 defenders in a certain vicinity because they aren't afraid of outside shooters and scorers.

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I'm expecting Scott, Russell, Slam, Loving, and Amir. 

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I'll chime in with one that no one is mentioning, focused on experience and Matta's love for players that stretch the court with the unique combination of size and speed.

Scott, Thompson, Loving, Lee, and Williams 

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that would be the most experienced lineup and I have always liked Slam at the 2 guard spot. I think his length there could be a real problem for most 2 gaurds and he is still quick enough to guard there. His shooting might not be good enough for that spot, hopefully he will grow more with his offensive game.

I'm not so sure with Loving at the 3. He is kind of awkward on defense away from the basket. He is great defending around the key, but faster SF will give him trouble. And with many schools and programs going with smaller lineups using 3 guards, he could be a liability.

Plus with last years issue of scoring, I will be stunned if a freshman or Kam won't be in the starting lineup. And I will also be stunned if Russell doesn't start either. He is too good. I've seen a few games, not just highlights, and he is capable of starting. His handles will be great too with Scott taking over full time duties at PG.

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Great points.  

I think Slam needs to improve his ball handling to be a 2.  If he can do this and play aggressive (attack the basket), he's lightning quick.  I think his shooting is OK, but getting some space because of a feared dribble drive could also help him on the outside.

Loving at the 3 is interesting to me.  Last season he really liked to play offense from the outside.  He was practically fearless from 3-pt range, and also had an OK dribble drive, although deficient ball handing and awkwardness were seen.  Still, he'd be a matchup nightmare at the 3.  But I suspect you're right in that he'd be a defensive liability.

The other thing I really like about this lineup is that we'd have one solid (or hopefully sub) at each position.  

1 - Williams, Goldstein, Russell

2 - Russell, Williams

3 - Diop, Tate

4 - McDonald, Bell, Thompson

5 - McDonald, Bell, Thompson

We've got another very deep roster this year, but we'll still need scorers.

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I'm hopeful that Russel comes in and is too good not to start

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The way I see it the starting lineup will be Scott, Russel, Thompson, Lee and Amir.  Loving will come off the bench soon after the tip and take Amir's spot.  Tate, Diop, and Kam off the bench will also be a huge boost.  I am personally most excited to see Kam play this year.  He is incredibly athletic and can shoot the ball, I think he could be a huge help to this team...

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How about our super small and deadly lineup consisting of Scott,Kam,D-Russ,Sam,Lee...So much speed and athleticism in that lineup combined with perimeter shooting ability. Not enough rebounding or post defense though to think we will get to see it.

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I don't think Kam or D-Russ can guard the three spot.

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PG - Scott

SG - Russell

SF - Thompson

PF - Lee

C - Amir

I also think that we see a small lineup with Lee at Center quite a bit this year. 

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I definitely see Loving starting the season at the 4, playing the undersized PF position of Ross and Thomas. 

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Scott, Russell, Thompson, Loving, Lee

Amir's minutes will be very limited this year. 

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Especially during the B1G schedule when we go small

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I agree with the consensus lineup but I think KBD is going to push Loving.  They're very similar players but I think KDB is the better athlete.  We might actually see a legit 9-man rotation this year, which would be awesome. I'm just looking forward to seeing a team out there that can fill it up.  I love our suffocating D, but if you can't put the ball in the basket, there's a ceiling on the team's potential. 

Bonus prediction: Shannon is gonna have an All-American type season.  I think we're going to see more of what he did in the B1G tourney vs the wolvies.

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