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Comment 08 Mar 2017

Great research. I am fine with one more year of Thad because as the numbers show he is the gold standard of Ohio State basketball but if he can't return himself to his own standard then it is time to give someone else a shot. I understand some are already at that point where they have given up hope and I really can't blame them. But, in my head it's all next year. If he can't do it next year with the insane amount of experience returning then he has truly lost his touch and needs to go.

Comment 07 Mar 2017
I honestly won't be surprised to see Worley get moved back outside and see Browning play at that MLB spot. Jesus that kid is a monster of a freshman and I think he will be simply too much to keep an undersized guy (albeit a very good undersized guy)at that MLB spot come the meat of the schedule against power running teams
Comment 01 Mar 2017

Man as someone who graduated from South a year ago I could have told y'all it was Ohio State. Nobody really goes anywhere else if they are offered (unless we go back to Kijana Carter). The only question with Jaelen was whether or not he would play baseball. That being said this kid is a freak don't be surprised when he nabs a fifth star and tears it up at the next level

Comment 01 Feb 2017

FSU really? Apparently all between LSU and OSU and all of a sudden FSU? Same thing awhile ago with Akers just strange to me is all they must have an insane pitch. Well, best of luck Hollywood Marv.

Comment 12 Jan 2017
QB- Braxton: perfect QB for Meyer's offense RB(2)- Zeke, Hyde: These 2 are simply the best there have been but Beanie is very close behind WR(4)- Ginn, Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, Philly Brown: Philly is probably the only one who needs explanation and it is simply that I feel he always went under appreciated as a receiver and is a good complimentary guy HB- Samuel: Duh TE- Huerman(spelling?): Best of the underutilized OT- Mewhort, Decker: True slob kings OG- Elflein, Marcus Hall: Double finger salute and the Remington winner who I thought was better at guard C- Linsley: very solid center but honestly would be replaced by Mangold if the limit was extended to 11 years DE- Bosa, Heyward: These guys would keep QBs awake at night DT- Hankins, Bennett: The space eater and one of the best guys at penetrating from DT that we have had OLB- Shazier, Lee: Dangerous MLB: McMillan: In our older defenses he would have gotten lots of tackles a game like Laurinaitis and even I'm our OLB dominated defense he still was awesome CB- Malcom Jenkins, Roby: Hardest decision on the list could have been anyone really we have been spoiled with DBs S- Hooker, Bell: Can't go wrong with these 2 K- Doesn't matter they have really all been about the same P- Johnston: Needs no explanation Coaches: 2016 defensive staff, 2014 offensive staff, Urban Meyer: The best of both worlds with recent offenses and defenses and sorry Tress but Urban is better