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Comment 16 May 2015
I've never been to a football game but I did go see the Notre Dame basketball game in MSG a couple years ago and witness the greatest comeback I've ever seen
Comment 14 May 2015
What Saban feared most is the world discovering that Urban Meyer is the better coach and having a NORTHERN football team beat him in his own backyard. Sorry that you had to play someone to get to the Championship game hope you have fun playing in one of those games that don't matter next year
Comment 12 May 2015
Okay I don't know how you wouldn't pick EZE. Those picking Hyde have to be going for power right? Well how much more powerful is he than EZE? Like Zeke ran over and through defenses all year just like Hyde but had that speed to break it for 20 more yards when he got through. No question EZE
Comment 01 May 2015
I honestly want to know how many OLBs we have picked or signed over the past couple years. Seems like a ton
Comment 01 May 2015
Oh no I meant after the draft. Hopefully Hartline can have an impact in some way
Comment 01 May 2015
Looks like I'm safe from eating my shoe. Bet we don't even draft a WR in the draft and pick up a couple of shit ones in free agency that are gone in one year
Comment 01 May 2015
If that happens I will eat my shoe
Comment 01 May 2015
Man fuck Mel Kiper. Seriously though like how are you gonna beat him down while getting drafted? Hasn't done it to anybody else.
Comment 30 Apr 2015
First pick was good. Second pick was iffy and I think a wide receiver would have been better.