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Comment 26 Jun 2015

I am hoping for either JT or Cardale. That is not to say I would be upset with Braxton starting, I just thing JT and Cardale make the offense click better. I would say the argument for JT is that he is accurate, efficient, elusive in the pocket, and seems to make all the right decisions. The argument for Cardale is that he is big and hard to bring down, has a cannon for an arm, and opens up the running game for the best RB in the nation. Honestly I would say everything cancels out in those positives in terms of getting the most out of the offense. What it really comes down to is do you want someone who can consistently move the chains through the air(JT) or someone who will make it a living hell on defenses to stop the run and be able to defend the deep ball(Cardale). Both have their advantages and are pretty equal. I think the decision will be made by whether there is a viable deep threat on the team. As there is always a deep threat on an Urban Meyer team I have to say that it will end up being Cardale who wins the job by the slightest of margins.

Comment 25 Jun 2015
I think Lee is the best but Kwon and Perry are definitely the next best 2 in the Big Ten
Comment 23 Jun 2015
Sorry but the funniest thing as a pitcher is when a batter backs out or drops when you throw a curve and then it's a strike
Comment 22 Jun 2015
Gonna guess they went to Maryland not Michigan so you saying we beat Michigan was completely random
Comment 17 Jun 2015
What a dick. The handicap spots are there for a reason. Don't blame you at all for doing what you did the guy was the real asshole.
Comment 16 Jun 2015
Ha I have the exact same measureables as you and would probably be in the same boat. Unfortunately I tore my labrum and didn't know it and ended up playing baseball (I pitched) and a year of football on it. Needless to say my shoulder is so messed up that I can't play football anymore. It makes me sad sometimes to think about it cuz I love the sport and loved playing. Plus I made sure I can't play baseball anymore so I don't even have that. Yeah enjoy your time man its not something to take for granted.
Comment 16 Jun 2015
It would be seniors signing early not juniors. They would just have the option of signing in December instead of February
Comment 13 Jun 2015

No but Braxton is 

Comment 13 Jun 2015
My brother works at Rhinegeist and I'm wearing a Rhinegeist shirt right now so I would have to say Rhinegeist
Comment 12 Jun 2015
I wear a Maryland shirt all the time almost as much as I wear Buckeye gear I wanted Tom Herman fired When Cardale pulled a Jameis in the title game I thought we were going down the same road as FSU (thank god for defense) I actually liked Amir Williams I have never been to a football game I think a lot of our players are overrated by the Ohio State community