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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Braxton throwing the td to win the game against wisconsin about 30 minutes before my birthday
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Comment 29 Nov 2016
Hooker has been the most impactful defensive player in the country this year this award is a farce.
Comment 24 Nov 2016
I'm hoping Andre keeps getting time this year after KBD comes back. It's cool to see a guy from your high school that you graduated with play in the Scarlet and Gray
Comment 20 Nov 2016
How about so*ething that seems to work against us all of the time? A little throwback pass to the tight end. I've seen that work so *any times against us and it is usually when we play *ichigan or *SU so it'd be like a dose of their own *edicine
Comment 19 Nov 2016
Either my #2 or #5 jersey and an "Our Honor Defend" t shirt under that. Pants don't matter but right now I'm in grey sweatpants. Finally, my lucky Ohio State baseball cap and Buckeye necklaces my dad got at a MSU game a few years back. Every single time I've worn this we have won the only games we have lost are games where I missed the game or had something else on for some reason
Comment 18 Nov 2016
And I suppose Braxton Miller was an awful player for us too because he hasn't done anything of note in the NFL yet? Just as ridiculous as saying Vonn was all of a sudden bad for us because of one play you saw
Comment 07 Nov 2016
He reminds me of Zeke in the sense that he is obviously special but a year a way from breaking out after doing awesome in garbage time
Comment 28 Oct 2016
Well they really aren't when you think about it. Before the last couple of years they were garbage. I mean the Royals weren't an established organization when they won the World Series either so it's not like it matters