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Comment 20 Sep 2016
Do you think there is any way besides injury that Jalyn Holmes crack the starting lineup? He just seems to good to not be on for the majority of the snaps
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Based off a limited sample size I would stick with the Worley McMillan Baker combo with Booker rotating in. Worley has done absolutely nothing to lose his job and has played pretty good and I think Baker has shown he has to be on the field somewhere
Comment 14 Sep 2016
If you had to choose 1 player besides Curtis Samuel, JT, and Hooker to step up big who would it be?
Comment 07 Sep 2016
Do you think they try to get Terry McLaurin and James Clark involved more? Clark almost made a spectacular catch down the sidelines and I believe I saw McLaurin get open a couple times. Just seemed odd that 2 guys listed as starters and were on the field quite a bit only had 1 catch combined with our prolific passing day.
Comment 04 Sep 2016
McLaurin and Clark only got 1 more target each than Corey Smith and were also listed as starters. Sometimes the ball just doesn't get to someone when there are so many other skill players
Comment 03 Sep 2016
Was that Wilson who was driving his guy into the ground on the outside? Nevermind upon further review it was Wilson who fell not the defender a good block nonetheless