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Comment 23 Aug 2016
I don't see why people say this. There's been nothing at all indicating Baker is anywhere close to overtaking Worley except for rampant speculation from fans. It's been Worley since last year ended, Worley through Spring, Worley through Fall camp, and will most likely be Worley for the whole season barring injury
Comment 12 Aug 2016
Kwon is not overrated and one of our returning DEs is a future first rounder I guarantee it. Other than that I'd say that's a good assessment
Comment 07 Aug 2016
Everyone is high on Baker but I think Worley is being overlooked. Look for a big impact from him this year. Darron Lee said it himself that there was almost no dropoff between him and Worley
Comment 03 Aug 2016
I feel like Lattimore will win the job at corner but that'll be a season long battle. At safety I've gotta think it's gonna be Damon Webb. You don't move somebody who was going to be competing for a starting spot elsewhere if they aren't the probable starter where you moved them to. Finally, at Nickel I'm going with Arnette. From the sounds of it they may need to get him on the field somehow someway.
Comment 14 Jul 2016
Double feature of 2006 Natty and 2014 VT game to kill me and put me put of my misery of waiting to die. But for real the one I'd want would be the Bama game. It never gets old even after watching it again and again I still get chills when Zeke breaks off that run to seal the game.
Comment 29 Jun 2016
That's who I was thinking but I couldn't remember if there was anybody on like Bama that didn't go to the draft
Comment 28 Jun 2016
1. DPJ 2. Tom Herman 3. Whoever the best DT in the country is
Comment 19 Jun 2016
Go Cavs! Dear lord that was the best performance in a Finals that I have ever seen by the one and only LeBron James. Browns are next! Also fuck you Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.