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Aaron Craft Summer League

Tater_Schroeder's picture
July 20, 2014 at 9:39pm

I saw this tweet and thought it interesting.

We all know that Steve Kerr has taken a liking to him. I haven't been able to fact check this stat line, but assuming it's accurate, this is one hell of an argument to prove his worth:

I've only been able to watch about three quarters of him playing in the summer league, but he did very well from what I saw. I've always thought he could be a reliable back-up point guard in the league, and he's playing like it now! Hopeful that he gets the opportunity! 

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Killer nuts's picture

I've said it once and I'll say it 100 more times: I'd love to see him get on a team

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TedGinnIsFasterThanYou's picture

Thanks for posting. I love the way Craft plays! Great kid too.

Still think he was more than worthy of a 2nd round pick. Would love to see him prove all the doubters wrong.

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vitaminB's picture

On a side note, I watched a Lakers game the other day.  Ross looks fat and lost on the court.

PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

I'm a Warriors fan.  Adding Craft makes sense because Curry doesn't guard anyone.  Craft could help in that regard and do what he did in the Scarlet and Grey

Go Bucks!

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RedStorm45's picture

He'd be a pretty good fit opposite Steph Curry.  Like Eric Snow had AI doing most of the back-court scoring when he was with the 76ers, Craft would not be expected to do a whole lot offensively other than penetrate and distribute.  His defense and leadership would be pretty valuable to a team like GS.