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Trevor Thompson to Ohio State

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April 13, 2014 at 1:14pm

Per espn Trevor Thompson chooses Ohio State, excited about this pickup. Could get clearance to play this year due to sick father.

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There we go Thad.  I don't mind a lil bit of the Mayor's approach and land a few transfers here and there.


"I love the academics, the fans, my new teammates and the coaching staff," Thompson said. "It was the perfect fit."

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This is great news and it would even get better if he could play immediately but this is the first I have heard that is a possibility.


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Same here, that would be very interesting.  But this is great news either way.

Edit:  I should have added that ideally, Trevor's dad doesn't have any health issues, and I'm sure everyone here would agree.  Best of luck to Trevor and his family, and welcome!

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lets go bucks!!

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Let me guess, the file name for this gif is something like "mullet_yessss", lol.  +1

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Either way is OK with me. If he redshirts, he will have a year of wight lifting to add 20-25 lbs of muscle and maturity and be ready to take over the middle once Amir is graduated with 3 years remaining. If he cleared to play now, he can push Amir for playing time. I like the first case better to be truthful.

Its good to be the king

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Does this mean we have used up all of our scholarships unless someone redshirts?

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I don't know if we've used all our scholarships, however, redshirts do count towards the scholarship count. 

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I am assuming that if Turner wants in we will have room.