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Comment 06 Feb 2013

I can't wait to see how all this talent turns out, love how Bell plays, he is like a bullet flying at a target, feel sorry for the rest of the BIG.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

I was thinking he looked baked too, eyes are barely open.

Comment 13 Jan 2013

I hope it's not over, but have a bad feeling that it is, I think he is all Bama.

Comment 06 Jan 2013

I don't see what the big deal is, he shouldn't flash the money only because it could be taken the wrong way and people with wnat to find problems with the photo, but he is a kid who just won a big game, he is celebrating

Comment 06 Jan 2013

Again: No disrespect to Lousiville, played great, deserved to win. But, if that game is played in November the #Gators win.

— Mike Greenberg

^^^ if this was the case, Ohio State would of beat Florida in that National championship game and would not have looked so sluggish and slow

Comment 06 Jan 2013

I think he will only get better once he comes to Columbus, he has good motor and is just a physical beast, when it is all said and done, he should be playing on Sundays too.

Comment 25 Nov 2012

This was a great season, I dont think hardly anyone but Buckeye fans expected them to be this good this year. When the sanctions were handed down I was glad to see that all the seniors stayed even though they knew they would not be in a bowl game this year. This shows you how much love they have for this great University and how much they don't want to let this fanbase down, the greatest fans in the world. This team is special, they overcame many injuries this year, played bad in plenty of games but always found a way to win. They have a lot of talent and even with some of the bad calls yesterday and that feeling that the refs were trying to give that team up north the game, they found a way to win. This is why I love this school, this team, and my fellow buckeye fans, we believe in the unbelievable.



Comment 26 Nov 2011

I also am glad to see the Tressel era come to an end, but i lack the fulfillment of that era, we had some really talented teams that did not reach full potential and to me that is a coaching issue. We had a ton of talent that you see all over the NFL, but only won 1 championship in those years. I feel the conservativeness of the play calling, not using the right players the correct way and not fully being prepared in big games caused us to lose a lot of those big games. I feel with the great players Tressel has had at The Ohio State, he should have done better. We were better than that Florida team, we just got big headed and players looked slow and unready for that game, I feel the same about the LSU championship game. He fully underachieved, except the year we won the championship. I am gonna be glad when Urban Meyer takes the job and brings us back to prominence.